Synagogue Terror Attack Kills 5, Including 3 Americans, in Jerusalem

Bloody rampage unfolds in 7 minutes at Jerusalem synagogue.
2:10 | 11/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Synagogue Terror Attack Kills 5, Including 3 Americans, in Jerusalem
That terror track in Jerusalem, three Americans among the dead, targeted as they worshipped. This cell phone video capturing the moment of crises, Israeli police surrounding the building. In the after math, this image of a holy book soaked in blood. Tonight ABC news chief foreign correspondent terry Moran taking is inside the ingoing where the rampage took place. Reporter: The unimaginable scene unfolding in seven minutes. A shootout at a Jerusalem synagogue. We came to pray this morning. We were coming into the synagogue and we heard gunshots from downstairs and you know one shot, two shots then a flurry of shots and we all ran out. Reporter: Inside a grisly horror. Blood everywhere. On the floor. On the sacred books. When we arrived later, we were taken inside to the scene. Eyewitnesses tell us that the two attackers burst into this room where about 30 people were praying this morning. The first assailant had a gun and started shooting people, the second was armed with a butcher's knife or cleaver and he hacked away at the wounded. They showed us the bullet holes, one piercing the wall where the sacred torah is kept. Another tearing through the spine of a bible, its pages ripped apart. Both attackers Palestinian cousins from east Jerusalem shot dead by police who quickly moved to secure nearby buildings. The wounded, rushed to the hospital. Five were killed here today, thousands turning out for their funerals this afternoon, among the dead three American born Israelis. Moshe Twersky son and grandson of renowned Boston rabbis aryeh kupinsky 42 father of five Kalman Levine 55 his son released a statement, "Father you were saying your prayers when your soul left your body." Israeli prime minister Benjamin netanyahu has vowed a harsh response to this attack, already ordering the demolition of the homes of the attackers. Here in the room where the slaughter occurred this morning they have their own response they are praying again. Back here at home now and to

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{"id":27011869,"title":"Synagogue Terror Attack Kills 5, Including 3 Americans, in Jerusalem","duration":"2:10","description":"Bloody rampage unfolds in 7 minutes at Jerusalem synagogue.","url":"/WNT/video/synagogue-terror-attack-kills-including-americans-jerusalem-27011869","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}