Ted Cruz Denies Report of Rumors of Infidelity

Donald Trump: 'I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer' report.
3:00 | 03/26/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ted Cruz Denies Report of Rumors of Infidelity
The race for the White House a disturbing new chapter in the Republican battle many saying this is the lowest point of this race yet. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in a bitter war of words after a tabloid newspaper Oracle on rumored infidelities. The new article comes after this image of the candidates' wives side by side was reach weeded by Donald Trump. Tonight Ted Cruz lashing out saying the article is part of a smear effort by trump which tonight trump denies. Here's ABC's Jonathan Karl. Just always thought the campaign couldn't get any nasty or senator Ted Cruz today lashed noted Donald Trump. Accusing him of using the national inquirer. To smear him. Should not be surprised to see people calling him sleazy done inquirer cited rumors that crews had engaged. In multiple marital infidelities. It quoted former trump advise are Roger Stone saying the story could her crews with the evangelical voters. But stone told ABC news he was not the source of the story Cruz isn't buying it. Let me be clear this national enquirer stories mark. It is a snare the has come from Donald's Robbins Hank. Tonight trump himself denied any involvement in the story saying quote. Cruises problem with The National Enquirer is he is and he's alone. And while they were right about OJ Simpson John Edwards and many others I certainly hope they are not right about lion Ted Cruz the war of words between crews controlled. Entered nasty new territory this week. When trump blamed cruised for a super pac gad. Featuring an image of his wife Maloney from her modeling days trump tweeted be careful lion Ted oral spilled the beans on your wife. He later re tweeting this unflattering photograph of Clady cruise thanks to a glamour shot a mole on him. Donald US nibbling cowardly hiding a hell alone. Crew said trump has a problem with women. An allegation and his dogged him throughout his campaign Bim bow dog this super pac ad featuring women's. Repeating things Donald Trump has actually said look at that face for his part trump is adamantly denied all charges of sexism. I cherish what women nobody respects women more than Donald Trump what appears back to you wanna be loved you wanna be church or be everything. I think am I right women are wrong. At Jonathan Karl joins us live tonight in Jon a lot of voters I would gather will be uncomfortable where this is all gone talk but the wives and not the issues in this race. Data we have never seen a presidential campaign gets so nasty or so personal. Ted Cruz is all we said that he would support Donald Trump patrol wins the Republican nomination but today he said quote. I don't make a habit of supporting people who attack of my wife. And attack my family. Jonathan Karl with us again tonight John think.

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{"id":37941081,"title":"Ted Cruz Denies Report of Rumors of Infidelity","duration":"3:00","description":"Donald Trump: 'I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer' report.","url":"/WNT/video/ted-cruz-denies-report-rumors-infidelity-37941081","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}