'Storm Cam' Captures Powerful Twisters on Tape

Video of tornadoes touching down on Christmas reveals extent of devastation.
1:16 | 12/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Storm Cam' Captures Powerful Twisters on Tape
We're going to turn to the other part of the country cleaning up after this massive system. Nearly three dozen reported twisters and now the aftermath. And a new portrait tonight of what it was like when those tornadoes barrelled through. Here's abc's matt gutman tonight. Reporter: This surveillance video from a walgreens here in mobile showing the very guts of a tornado. The wind first blasts around debris. The lightning flashes, blinding. Then the darkening funnel, dense with debris, beginning sucking in cars, lifting them up, slamming them down. Inside, those perhaps doing some christmas shopping, at first curious. This man in uniform poking his head outside. A woman peering around a cash register. A man wheeling his cart towards the door. Then the sprint for safety. Miraculously, no one seriously hurt here or in centerville, mississippi. It's right over us! Get inside! Oh, it's coming to. Reporter: Where a three-mile long twister ripped through trees and houses. Stretching from texas to the carolinas, reportedly more than three dozen tornadoes with about 400 homes damaged or destroyed in alabama alone. And tonight, the south taking down the condemned and trying to salvage what it can. They are boarding up at mobile's historic murphy high school, but not closing down. Matt gutman, abc news, mobile, alabama.

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{"id":18078462,"title":"'Storm Cam' Captures Powerful Twisters on Tape","duration":"1:16","description":"Video of tornadoes touching down on Christmas reveals extent of devastation.","url":"/WNT/video/texas-alabama-tornado-video-storm-cam-captures-powerful-18078462","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}