Texas Community Rallies Together Following Massive Blast

Small town comes together in wake of fertilizer plant explosion.
2:12 | 04/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Community Rallies Together Following Massive Blast
We do know though is that the little Texas town is -- kind of Texas version of a Norman Rockwell painting. Just a few thousand people as you heard an ABC Cecilia Vega spent the day with people who told her every rescuer every person rescued. -- someone you know. Shattered and broken room. A war zone every window his account. In the house the whole ceiling through the -- come off of foundations set them down the bricks are all off -- Mike Mueller barely made it out -- life his -- brick house it's completely gone. Just like so many of his neighbors I have relatives down the road and he came into the and if you deem -- cell phone itself. Even they don't want to get to -- that's why I'm eager to see if there -- even allowed. In a place where everyone knows everyone else -- injured and the missing are -- someone's family someone's friend familiar face. West Texas is the heartland of America home to just 2800. People. And the annual barbecue cook off by volunteer firefighters. Many of those same firefighters running into yesterday's blaze -- others ran out. Still many still unaccounted for your station flags today at half staff. I mean people do you think you know -- -- hurt the last. -- vulnerable. Today the streets of west Texas are battered and bruised and so are its residents this is from the blast. The blast so strong it knocked -- -- -- right out of his chair his windows blown out his metal garage door twisted. Who calls himself one of the lucky ones. What are you feeling today thankful. You know we thank the lord. Mr. -- -- right up the road from here not too far away but take a look at this this is the scene -- much of west Texas tonight buildings homes that are boarded up homes with major structural damage like this -- Some of them demolished altogether the blast site it's half a mile away from here Diane. It just shows you how strong that blast -- it was that powerful and a whole nation standing with everyone there tonight thank you Cecilia.

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{"id":18993353,"title":"Texas Community Rallies Together Following Massive Blast","duration":"2:12","description":"Small town comes together in wake of fertilizer plant explosion. ","url":"/WNT/video/texas-community-rallies-massive-blast-18993353","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}