Could There Be Thousands of Dollars in Your Home?s Junk?

Cleaning out the clutter may mean cleaning up with a lot of cash in hand.
2:32 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for Could There Be Thousands of Dollars in Your Home?s Junk?
And next tonight our "real money" team is back asking you to look around your house because the average american home has more than 50 unused items taking up space and worth roughly $3,000. Abc's paula faris now shows us how to turn clutter into cash. I keep a lot of boxes. Reporter: Looking around the cooper's atlanta home. They're about to find out they're sitting on a gold mine. Is she a good shopper? She's a good shopper. She can get a lot of stuff. Reporter: Stuff like kids' toys, books, dvd's, and old exercise bike. And while it's spread throughout the house, most of it, is in the garbage. Can you park in the garage? No. Reporter: Our organization expect, lisa zaslow says in just a matter of moments, the coopers can clean up and cash in. Tip #1, price your items right, using ebay's updated app, and barcode scanner. We find out this camera in the kitchen can fetch $90. In the garage a nursing pillow. This has been listed for $40. Reporter: And a brand new tv mount. Look how much that thing is going for. Over $100. Are you totally surprised right now? Yeah, yeah. That's a lot of money. Reporter: Tip number two, when selling online think like the buyer. That's where you can add a brand new inbox. Reporter: And a good photo makes the difference. Make sure you don't have the flash. Reporter: Tip number three, score money for your books by using sites like half.Com and mybookbuyer.Com. 12.84 with free shipping. Reporter: And amazon's trade in program gives you money for dvds. Finally for the antiques and collectables megan got an appraisal worth 100 bucks. The coopers can cash in $473 of clutter. That's real money! You've sold it and now it's time to ship it. The u.S. Postal service sends these boxes to your home for free. You pay a flat rate. Our expert says that offering free shipping is one of the biggest selling points. A bow than za right in your house. Thank you, paula.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Cleaning out the clutter may mean cleaning up with a lot of cash in hand.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"20894790","title":"Could There Be Thousands of Dollars in Your Home?s Junk?","url":"/WNT/video/thousands-dollars-homes-junk-20894790"}