Tips to Help Your Family Find Ways to Save

Paula Faris helps families save more than $6,000. on household and medical bills.
2:20 | 07/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tips to Help Your Family Find Ways to Save
Our real money team has been traveling this week, showing us new ways to save hundreds and hundreds of dollars in household budget. Abc's paula faris, chris crossing the country to help real families save some real cash. Tonight, she's right back here at home. Reporter: This week, we found four families nearly $6,000 in hidden real money. Along the way, hearing from so many of you. Unplug that. Reporter: Few tips in yesterday's show, the benard's no longer getting zapped by their energy bill. Many from new jersey too. I implemented everything that she talked about there. Reporter: Plugging $900 back into their budget this year by using myenergy.Com. You flooded their website last night. Already identified millions of dollars of utility bill savings. Reporter: Get this, one viewer turning up a new tip from our expert. How much energy is wasted with the computer running, $200 a year. you're not using it. This lady tweeting us a big thank you. After seeing how the whole family in boston saved $1,500 on their dental bill by using brighter.Com. The ceo telling us today. We estimated that the savings general ratsed by this segment were over $700 today. Using repairpal to find out how much those car repairs should really cost. Our viewer, alex, from south carolina, telling us he is now calling around, too. This man from philadelphia, saying he will never get burned by bank fees again after seeing the strickland family story from chicago. They cashed in on 3,000 bucks by switching banks. And using nerdwallet.Com to find the best credit card fit for their family. That's real money. Reporter: That $6,000 for just those four families this week and so many more telling us about all of the hidden real money that they have found and have had viewers, die yarngs all week sending me their real money messages. Any of your viewers missed any of it, go to world page at abc.Com news. Keep them coming to the real paula. Nice to have you back. Coming up next, a funny false alarm across the pond

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{"id":19719539,"title":"Tips to Help Your Family Find Ways to Save","duration":"2:20","description":"Paula Faris helps families save more than $6,000. on household and medical bills.","url":"/WNT/video/tips-family-find-ways-save-19719539","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}