New tornado threat in Southwest

Tornado sirens sound off in response to at least four dozen reported twisters in 5 states.
2:06 | 05/02/19

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Transcript for New tornado threat in Southwest
tornadoes touching down. New imaujs coming in tonight. This is from Arkansas this evening. And this tornado in Texas. One of at least 50 reported tornadoes in this devastating system. As we're on the air right now, we're tracking the radar at this hour, showing the immediate trouble spots right there, but this stretches from Texas, all the way up to the northeast tonight. ABC's Alex Perez in the storm zone. Reporter: Tonight, tornado sirens sounding in Arkansas. The system that's already spawned at least four dozen reported twisters in five states, now spreading out and moving east. Storms fired up fast. This reported tornado spotted in Little Rock. Roofs ripped off, multiple tractor trailers overturned. Folks, it takes a lot of wind to knock over a truck like that. 70, 80-mile-per-hour winds at the very least. Reporter: Workers nearby bracing for impact. We went trying to pull the doors down. Couldn't even get them down because the wind was blowing so hard. Reporter: Tearing trees from the ground, damaging a nearby cemetery. Flooding rains in the Chicago suburbs. Streets submerged after as much as six inches of rain here. The east branch of the due page river cresting above 21 feet. And David, you can see just how high the due page river is here. You can see how close the water is to that bridge right there. Most of these swollen rivers are expected to remain above flood stage through the weekend. David? Alex Perez, thank you. Let's get right to rob, tracking it all again tonight for us. Hey, rob. Reporter: Hi, David. Six reported tornadoes tonight, but there are several pockets of strong storms across the country. Look at the radar scope. Florida, you're in it. D.C., you got rocked earlier. 63-mile-per-hour wind reported in Maryland. That boundary slicing through the great Lakes across Mississippi, where a tornado watch includes Kentucky and Tennessee until 10:00 tonight. And Texas, more storms rumbling across the hill country there. Severe thunderstorm watch up tonight and again tomorrow. Austin, San Antonio, you're back in it again. A pattern, David, that we really just can't shake. Can't escape it. All right, rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Tornado sirens sound off in response to at least four dozen reported twisters in 5 states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"62790562","title":"New tornado threat in Southwest","url":"/WNT/video/tornado-threat-southwest-62790562"}