Tornadoes Continue to Rip Through the Center of the Nation

Multiple massive tornadoes have been reported with more likely to come.
2:56 | 05/10/16

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Transcript for Tornadoes Continue to Rip Through the Center of the Nation
tonight, that state of emergency just declared in Oklahoma. Late today, another tornado touching down, this time, in Kentucky, and millions are under warnings and watches tonight from Texas all the way up through the Ohio valley. The devastating images already. This tornado near wynnewood, Oklahoma. Ripping apart everything in its path. Nearby, treacherous roads and some drivers stopping to search and rescue survivors. Meteorologist rob Marciano standing by with the warnings right now, but first, ABC's kayna Whitworth is in Davis, Oklahoma, tonight. Reporter: Tonight, hail and driving rain in Kentucky. Holy mark reckerel. Reporter: This tornado touching down after a deadly and terrifying 24 hours. That's a violent tornado. Reporter: In Oklahoma, officials declaring a tornado emergency, just before dinner. Stormchasers calling this some of the most violent footage they've ever seen. Hold still. Reporter: Flashes of light as poles are ripped from the Earth. Homes obliterated. Debris sent hundreds of feet in the air. Stay right here. We're clear here. Reporter: And this tornado near wynnewood, at least an ef-3. Winds over 135 miles an hour. From the air, you can see the path of destruction. This tornado near sulphur up to a mile wide, staying on the ground for 12 miles. You see that? Took a house. Oh, no. Reporter: In all, at least21 reported tornadoes across seven states. In Nebraska, one twister catching robin stoll outside. It picked me up and threw me against that tree and I just held on. Hitting that farm! Reporter: Back in Oklahoma, the storms taking two lives. Have to be underground in storms like this. You have to be below ground. Reporter: In Davis, Daniel parks showed us where he managed to stay alive. I was right there when the tornado hit. Reporter: This photo showing the tiny room where he rode it out. Daniel was one of eight people who lived here. And today, the family has come tout try to salvage whatever they can. And amazingly, amid this destruction, David, they found mom's wedding ring. David? That is good news. Kayna, thank you. Just in credible, the warnings and watches tonight. Rob is here with the latest track. Reporter: Fewer than seven tornado warnings hatching right now in Kentucky and Illinois. This watch, just posted, that's good until midnight tonight. A very volatile atmosphere right now. In Texas, severe thunderstorm watch, and you see the pinks and purples, that's big-time hail. Tomorrow, another system comes through. Look at this swath of severe weather expected from Wichita falls, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Springfield, St. Louis, Kansas City, a lot of big cities here. We could see more tornadoes tomorrow. All right, rob, thank you. In the meantime tonight, to major new developments in the

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Multiple massive tornadoes have been reported with more likely to come. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"39022076","title":"Tornadoes Continue to Rip Through the Center of the Nation","url":"/WNT/video/tornadoes-continue-rip-center-nation-39022076"}