Tornadoes reported from Midwest to South as massive storm moves east

One twister ripped the roof off a church outside Paducah, Kentucky, that had 40 preschool children and staff inside.
3:06 | 03/14/19

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Transcript for Tornadoes reported from Midwest to South as massive storm moves east
deadly storm. You heard meteorologist calling it a bomb cyclone because of the pressure drops and severe conditions become. Now, the proof, several tornados, this one in paducah, Kentucky. That system also unleashing a crippling blizzard. The Chicago metro area was under a tornado watch for much of the day. Tonight in Denver, 24 hours after the pictures we showed you last night here, some drivers were still trapped today. Our team made it to them. We have the new tract tonight, as this moves east. And Clayton Sandel L leading us off. Reporter: Tonight, people are watching the skies the midwest to the south. It's a legit tornado. Reporter: Multiple tornadoes reported already, as the deadly storm moves east. One twister, ripping the roof off of this church outside paducah, Kentucky. 40 preschool kids and staff inside. We give god the glory that nobody was hurt. Reporter: In Nebraska, high-water rescues west of Omaha. There's crews out here getting people from the properties. Reporter: At least one person in the state is missing. The storm, packing powerful winds, gusts above 70 miles per hour, flipping trucks Wednesday, in Amarillo, Texas. In Colorado, the National Guard and state troopers, still helping rescue drivers after a blizzard trapped hundreds of cars. We have to get them moved so the snowplows can come through. Reporter: The bomb cyclone has moved on. We're in the middle of I-25. This stretch of freeway between Denver and Colorado Springs is still a parking lot. We found Luis Martinez stuck in his rig south of Denver, since yesterday morning, out of food, until a state trooper gave him a sandwich. Have you ever seen anything like this? Never before. Reporter: 27 hours after Martinez got stranded, the road was finally clear. Drivers still digging out today. Clayton Sandell. That's interstate 25 behind we can see traffic is finally moving. Reporter: That's right. Interstate 25 and interstate 70 are moving tonight. The new concern in the mountains with the fresh snow are dangerous avalanches, as this entire system moves east. David. Clayton, thank you. As you heard Clayton say, the whole system on the move. Let's get right back to senior meteorologist, rob Marciano, tracking it again tonight for us. Hey, rob. You know, this thing rapidly intensified. Today, it is painfully slow. That line is pushing east across the Tennessee valley. The flooding continues as do the blizzard warnings. But the wind has been impressive that continues, as well. Chicago and Detroit, in 30s and 40s for wind gusts. Buffalo, as well. This gets into Hudson bay and across the east coast, with more rain and flooding north. A messy day here. But thankfully, a quieter weekend weather-wise, across much of the country. David? All right. We have to get through a messy Friday. Rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"One twister ripped the roof off a church outside Paducah, Kentucky, that had 40 preschool children and staff inside.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"61694311","title":"Tornadoes reported from Midwest to South as massive storm moves east","url":"/WNT/video/tornadoes-reported-midwest-south-massive-storm-moves-east-61694311"}