More Tornadoes Strike the Heartland

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma are on high tornado alert.
1:57 | 05/30/13

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Transcript for More Tornadoes Strike the Heartland
We're looking at a sweep of storms rumbling and shape shifting their way from Wisconsin to the edge of Texas tonight. Already reports of tornadoes on the ground after a furious week of twisters at least nineteen people. Twisters on Tuesday and twenty on Wednesday and take a look at this -- of the threatening skies. Over Oklahoma tonight and ABC's meteorologist ginger zee is there to bring us what is happening right now. We are trying to give you a heads up over the next 45 minutes. Eventually into the -- area in Cushing area you'll need to take your tornado precautions immediately. Just like clockwork the tornado warnings started popping up this afternoon south and north of Oklahoma City and -- all around the chase. -- the wall cloud we've seen -- Lawler right here we're gonna get going and we're gonna stay with this storm that should it become a tornado. Already six reported tornadoes today -- client overnight. This one in York Nebraska caught on tape crossing over a highway that's still pretty good follower. After a slow start this week is the most active -- then all here. And since a week ago more than a thousand severe weather reports. North side salad it's just trying to Mueller would carry a tornado warnings Larry look these -- might seem like they're doing more damage than ever before. Part of it. Don't have cameras -- cell -- And more people live in tornado Alley look at this map those arrows are buildings damaged in the more tornados but if -- -- back in time. Those -- just didn't exist years ago it was lonely farms and fields. This is the closest the storm has then to becoming a tornado it's very well the circulation really tightening up and the threat not only tonight from here Oklahoma -- parts -- Missouri Arkansas but it really wide area tomorrow from Michigan to Texas -- can't thank you so much -- be safe out there and keeping watch throughout this night.

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{"id":19291763,"title":"More Tornadoes Strike the Heartland","duration":"1:57","description":"Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma are on high tornado alert.","url":"/WNT/video/tornadoes-strike-heartland-19291763","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}