Torrential rains forcing rescues as twisters threaten heartland

At least 30 tornadoes reportedly ripped across four states overnight; 11 people were injured when storms hit the Grandstand at Lucas Oil Speedway.
3:06 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for Torrential rains forcing rescues as twisters threaten heartland
And we begin with that state of emergency at this hour in Missouri. Reports of a confirmed tornado on the ground in that state just before we came on the air. Tornado watches and flood alerts across several states tonight. It's already been a violent 24 hours. At least 30 reported tornadoes. This enormous one in Oklahoma. Torrential rain and flash flooding in Kansas. Treacherous driving. More torrential rain on the way tonight. We watched today as emergency crews conducted water rescues on live television. This scene playing out in el Reno, Oklahoma. This whole system on the move tonight. We're also watching severe weather now in the forecast for the northeast. Meteorologist rob Marciano leads us off from Oklahoma tonight. Get that! Reporter: Tonight, tornadoes threatening the heartland as torrential rains submerge cars, forcing high water rescues. In el Reno, Oklahoma, first responders searching for the stranded, using high water vehicles to pull families from homes. Some five feet in fast-moving water in spots. Children carried to safety. Parts of major interstate 40 under water. Railroad tracks washed away. If you're seeing this, don't do this. Just go around. Just turn around, don't drown. Reporter: In Tulsa, firefighters pushing stranded cars as tornado sirens blare in the dark. And desperately racing to save a man pinned by a fallen tree. You're almost out! Holy smokes! Just crossed the record. Reporter: More than 20 reported tornados ripping across for states overnight. In magnum, Oklahoma, several tornadoes touching down, this large one whipping up dust and debris, pulverizing everything in its path. You can see from the air these homes took a direct hit. Look at this. Can you imagine being in this SUV when the storm came through? These windows completely brown out. It's a miracle that it wasn't completely tipped over. The storm flipping campers and mangling the grandstand at Lucas oil stadium in wheatland, Missouri. 11 people were injured there. The grandstand a pile of twisted metal. And in Dale, Oklahoma, widespread destruction, the couple that lives here moved in yesterday. We got nowhere else to go now. We put all of our money into this house and now we're here. We got to figure it out. Rob Marciano with us live now, and rob, you're in Oklahoma tonight, just incredible what we're seeing, the flooding there behind you. I know still a very active situation. Where are you most concerned tonight? Reporter: Well, we're most concerned about the flood threat to our east and that line of storms that's moving through Missouri. Show it to you on the radar. St. Louis, you are a target tonight with tornado warnings just to your west and north. Also in through Kansas, a tornado warning there. Such a dynamic system. Cold air behind this and the aerial flood warnings across several states. Tulsa, St. Louis, Kansas City tonight. That line of storms pushing through St. Louis, gets into Chicago and Memphis by 7:00 A.M. It does weaken some tomorrow afternoon, but we'll have a severe weather component across the northeast on Thursday, including New York and philly. And then another system drops into the plains Thursday, as well. We certainly, obviously, don't need anymore rainfall. David? That's for sure. All right, rob Marciano, thank you. We are also following

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"At least 30 tornadoes reportedly ripped across four states overnight; 11 people were injured when storms hit the Grandstand at Lucas Oil Speedway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"63185612","title":"Torrential rains forcing rescues as twisters threaten heartland","url":"/WNT/video/torrential-rains-forcing-rescues-twisters-threaten-heartland-63185612"}