Tracking a Fugitive: Edward Snowden On the Run

NSA whistleblower is making right moves to keep ahead of US extradition process.
1:19 | 06/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tracking a Fugitive: Edward Snowden On the Run
russia insisting it knows nothing of snowden's travel plans. Hong kong saying the u.S. Request for extradition did not fully comply with their laws. So far, no help for u.S. Authorities in trying to nab edward snowden, which is likely exactly why he's mapped out this route. Tonight, as the u.S. Now warns other countries not to help him, is it too little too late? Here's our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. Reporter: Snowden has been a step ahead of u.S. Authorities so far. Clearly, the system did not work as it should have. Reporter: Obama administration officials insist tonight that they were in the process of routinely providing additional information to hong kong authorities when snowden fled. Sources say extradition negotiations typically take months and they point out that the statement he hong kong government talked about the u.S. Hacking its computer systems, suggesting officials there were angry. Factoring in other issues, not just the request to extradite. If snowden goes to ecuador, the u.S. Does have an extradition treaty, but ecuador has a sometimes prickly relationship with the u.S. It is in eck ka door's london embassy that wikileaks founder julian assange has taken refuge. Tonight, the u.S. Is warning nations in the western hemisphere, including ecuador that snowden is being sought on felony charges and should not be allowed to travel through their countries unless it is to get him back to the u.S. David?

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{"id":19469551,"title":"Tracking a Fugitive: Edward Snowden On the Run","duration":"1:19","description":"NSA whistleblower is making right moves to keep ahead of US extradition process.","url":"/WNT/video/tracking-fugitive-edward-snowden-run-19469551","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}