Tragic End to Summer Fun

Sixteen-year-old honor student dies in boating accident when her tube becomes entangled in boat's motor.
1:43 | 08/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tragic End to Summer Fun
Now to that deadly accident on the water making headlines tonight. Four high school friends, one of them at the wheel of a speed boat pulling an inter tube when the unthinkable happened. This evening a popular honor student, her life cut short and it's raising new questions about how little it takes to be allowed to operate a boat. ABC's linsey Davis is in Connecticut. Reporter: It's every family's worst nightmare on a boat. 16-year-old Emily Fedorko and her high school friend thrown from their tubes. The boat turned to pick them up but collided with them instead, pulling them into the propeller, killing Fedorko and seriously injuring her friend. She was just a great, outgoing, funny girl. We miss her now. Big loss to our community. Reporter: Officials we talked to on the water today believed the problem is lack of experience. For a license you just need to pass an exam that's multiple choice. Reporter: Unlike a license for a car, laws for driving a boat are different. In Connecticut where the accident happened, certification is required and the driver had it, but there's no minimum age for getting it. Class can be as little as a day, and there's no formal training in the water. One of the girls who was on the boat with Fedorko tweeted this, still can't believe what I witnessed today. You will never leave my heart, and I will miss you forever. David, as you can imagine, the community here is still in shock. The second girl remains in the hospital in stable condition. David? Linsey Davis with a tragic story, thank you. There's still much more ahead on "World news" this

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{"duration":"1:43","description":"Sixteen-year-old honor student dies in boating accident when her tube becomes entangled in boat's motor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24893274","title":"Tragic End to Summer Fun","url":"/WNT/video/tragic-end-summer-fun-24893274"}