Transplant recipient meets donor's wife and daughter

A family whose father died in a car crash met with the recipient of his heart and liver.
2:07 | 11/26/18

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Transcript for Transplant recipient meets donor's wife and daughter
Finally tonight, strangers connecting thanks to one man. The double transplant gift that's America strong. Here's ABC's John donvan. Reporter: Game night at kirbyville high school in east Texas with a tradition first, where seniors and their parents walk the 50 yard line together. Ladies and gentlemen, her dad's heart is with her tonight. He walks with me every day. He wakes me in the morning. He's the reason that I'm still here. He's the reason for everything for me. Reporter: Yet this pair, Andy and Ragan Dominy were not related and had only met for a few times the day before. I'm shaking and it's not because it's cold outside. I think she's just been a missing piece of our life for two years. Reporter: When Andy came to say thanks, thanks to Ragan and her sister Ramsey, thanks for the gift that Andy had been given when she was very sick and needed a heart and liver transplant and both heart and liver had come from their dad Steve who had died in a car crash, Andy recovered, needed to know -- Who this is inside of me that's keeping me alive. Reporter: And when they finally met Andy came with this so that Steve's family could hear that life inside of her. She went also to Steve's mom and sister and what this meant to them -- I feel like I'm meeting my child because she is in a way my child. Should I call you Mrs. Dominiy. No, you call me Sharon or Mimi or whatever you want to call me. Hopefully it's nice. I'll just call you mom. There you go. Reporter: And that's how Andy and Ragan ended up on that football field together. She's not getting away from us. That makes me very happy. Reporter: Because Ragan's dad could not be there and because he was there. John donvan, ABC news. Thanks to our Dallas affiliate wffa on that powerful story. Thanks to you for watching. I'm Tom yamus, gma first thing in the morning. Have a great evening.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"A family whose father died in a car crash met with the recipient of his heart and liver. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"59408695","title":"Transplant recipient meets donor's wife and daughter","url":"/WNT/video/transplant-recipient-meets-donors-wife-daughter-59408695"}