Trump agrees to $2 trillion infrastructure bill

President Donald Trump and Democratic congressional leaders agreed Tuesday to work together on a $2 trillion infrastructure package, but will decide later how to pay for it.
2:12 | 04/30/19

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Transcript for Trump agrees to $2 trillion infrastructure bill
house. The president, house speaker Nancy Pelosi, and a potential deal on infrastructure. So, how much will it cost, is it realistic? ABC's chief white house correspondent Jonathan Karl asking Democrats, can they make this deal, or should they be investigating? Can they do both? Reporter: Today, a most unusual message from the nation's most powerful Democrats. We just had a very productive meeting with the president of the United States. Reporter: It was nearly four months ago the democratic leaders last met with the president. Today, their sitdown ended with talk of a massive $2 trillion deal to rebuild America's infrastructure. Not long ago, president trump suggested he wouldn't work with Democrats unless they dropped their investigations. That sure hasn't happened. What is a bigger priority for Democrats, investigating the president or trying to work with In previous meetings, the president has said, if these investigations continue, I can't work with you, he didn't bring it up. And so, we're going, I believe, we can do both at once. Reporter: But speaking in California shortly before the meeting ended, the president's own chief of staff poured cold water on the idea of an infrastructure deal with Democrats. Still, a source in today's meeting tells a different story, saying the president told the room "I would like to do something. It may not be typically Republican." Democrats say he promised to lay out ideas for how to pay for it all when they meet again in three weeks. Jon Karl with us live tonight at the white house. Jon, we know the white house also calling that meeting, quote, excellent and productive late today, but in the meantime, you also have news tonight from the campaign trail. We know Joe Biden making his first trip to Iowa since getting into the race this week, appearing to get a bit of a bounce in a couple of different polls. Obviously it's still very early out there, we have to see what the polls say in the coming days, but not only the president with his tweets, but other Democrats taking note of Biden jumping in. Reporter: They sure are. Biden looks like he's the front-runner. That means he is also the number one target, so, we are seeing something we really haven't seen in the race. So far, Democrats going after Democrats with Progressives Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders taking aim and going after Biden's record. Here we go. Jon Karl live at the white house. Jon, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"President Donald Trump and Democratic congressional leaders agreed Tuesday to work together on a $2 trillion infrastructure package, but will decide later how to pay for it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"62737332","title":"Trump agrees to $2 trillion infrastructure bill","url":"/WNT/video/trump-agrees-trillion-infrastructure-bill-62737332"}