Trump, Biden campaign in Midwest states as COVID-19 surges

President Trump is hosting rallies with no social distancing and very few masks in the Midwest despite the growing number of new virus cases. Joe Biden told supporters that he’d embrace science.
4:33 | 10/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump, Biden campaign in Midwest states as COVID-19 surges
It's great to have you with us with four days to go. President trump and Joe Biden both in three states today. Dueling rallies in the midwest where the coronavirus is raging. More than 92,000 cases in the past 24 hours in this country. Nearly 1,000 new deaths. The president, what he said about doctors today getting more money if someone dies from covid. His son Donald Trump Jr. Asking why aren't they talking about deaths? The number is almost nothing. He said that after another 1,000 Americans were lost to the virus. Joe Biden accusing the president of waving the white flag, but that the American people don't give up. Saying it's time for the country to be united again. And the numbers coming in from Texas in the historic early Mary Bruce leads us off. Reporter: In a sign of how the pandemic has transformed this race, Joe Biden today beginning the final stretch in Iowa. It's a state trump won by ten points in 2016, but now with one of the highest covid rates in the country. Donald Trump has waved the white flag. He surrendered to this virus. But the american don't give up. Reporter: It's Biden's busiest day of the trail yet. He and president trump eyeing the same turf. Both holding events in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The president also in Michigan as well. We love you! Reporter: No social distancing at any of his rallies, and most in the crowd not wearing masks. One person who was, Fox News host Laura Ingraham. And the president mocked her for can't recognize you. Is that a mask? No way. Are you wearing a mask? I've never seen her in a mask. Look at you! Whoa, she's being very politically correct. Whoa! Reporter: Then, on to Wisconsin, now being ravaged by the virus, with the fourth highest rate in the country for new cases. Our Jordyn Phelps pressing the president. Mr. President, do you think it is at all dangerous to be holding these big rallies while the numbers are going up here in the midwest? No, I don't at all. No. And they're outdoor rallies. They're all outdoors. Anything else? Reporter: As the country hits a dire new record, more than 92,000 new cases in a single day. Hospitalizations and deaths also going up. But the president is now blaming doctors and hospitals, implying they're inflating the numbers. You know, our doctors get more money if somebody dies from covid. You know that, right? I mean, our doctors are very smart people. Reporter: But once again the president's own experts say that's just not true. This is his point person on testing. We are seeing real cases increase. A fellow physician, you know hospitalizations and icu admissions don't lie. When those go up, that's real. Reporter: But the trump team is ignoring reality. The president's son with this blatant falsehood. Why aren't they talking about hs? Oh, because the number is almost nothing. Reporter: He made those comments as the country learned nearly 1,000 moricans had died in just the past 24 hours, adding to the grim tally of more than 229,000 deaths. Biden today promising to embrace the science and lead the country out of this crisis. So honk if you want America to lead again. Honk if you want Americans to trust each other again. Reporter: Biden's team thinks voters are fired up, and they see new opportunity in those long lines to vote across the country. In Texas, more than 9 million people have already voted. That's more than all of the votes cast there in 2016. But today, kamala Harris was there trying to get out the vote and flip the red state blue. Today is the last day of early voting in Texas and you have been doing your thing. Now, we know this is no time to let up on the pedal though, right? Mary, we know pnt trump and Joe Biden will be in the battlegrounds all weekend long. And we know both campaigns are studying the historic early vote. The numbers from Texas are making news tonight? Reporter: More early voted in Texas than voted in the entire previous election. Hillary Clinton won a county by 12 points four years ago, and the turnout is shattering records. Democrats know flipping Texas will be an uphill battle, but these numbers are giving them hope it may be competitive. Mary, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"President Trump is hosting rallies with no social distancing and very few masks in the Midwest despite the growing number of new virus cases. Joe Biden told supporters that he’d embrace science.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73933283","title":"Trump, Biden campaign in Midwest states as COVID-19 surges","url":"/WNT/video/trump-biden-campaign-midwest-states-covid-19-surges-73933283"}