Trump Hits 8 States in Final Hours of Campaign

The Republican presidential candidate crisscrossed the country, predicting big wins in the swing states on Election Day.
3:13 | 11/08/16

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Transcript for Trump Hits 8 States in Final Hours of Campaign
Trump meanwhile pointing to those neck and neck battle ground states at his standing room only crowds as proof that feeble when he's now making his closing arguments proud to be going it alone. No celebrities necessary ABC's Tommy outlets in Scranton where he's witnessing those long lines for stand. Tonight don't fool with one less battleground blitz pulled. We're would spread to the finished eight states and foreign oil workers won't showed nothing like an underdog. We're winning Ohio. We're winning Iowa. We're waiting we think New Hampshire gonna do great and who have. I hear we're winning North Carolina being. In Florida a long while its supporters waiting overnight to see you. So were inside fronts first event of the day Sarasota Florida. The people here and so. Have been waiting it's the end. Today here's one of them so why wait so long disease from now like to be here to witness history. And everything another chance to witness history like those who'd already voted. Pretty good. Oh wait you've almost all voted. Good bye everybody. In the last days of this campaign in. He liked Rick a movement with momentum. Guns October surprise that review of newly. Wilbur Mills are tied to Hillary Clinton. Twelve went from attacking the FBI took praise unit to now attacking again after director Comas announcement clearing Clinton a second time. You can't previous 650000. Newly emails. In eight days can't do it in fact sources Tilly BC news agents used a computer program to sort through all those emails. From frustration. List of grievances or port of this horrible act in this campaign. Fueled even militant wanted for her star studded banana leaf. She gets beyoncé and Jay-Z I like them. I like yeah. You know I think yeah. I get bigger crowds than they do. Is there any place better to be that it dropped rally we have very high. And I don't have a guitar and I don't have a piano. But he does have Ted Nugent. Treating the crowd in Michigan to a blue boasts. Your blue state right hand. Twelve himself more fired up today over with just hours ago it one day you live this one day we are going to win back. The White House. And so let's bring in Tom godless live tonight he's in Scranton and Tom. No question here that Donald Trump spending a lot of time in these final hours in the Rust Belt states were he has to knock off some of that blue. That's right David Donald Trump actually finishing his campaign in Grand Rapids, Michigan a traditionally blue state. What took his campaign are convinced disaffected white working class voters. The victory on Tuesday.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"The Republican presidential candidate crisscrossed the country, predicting big wins in the swing states on Election Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"43374186","title":"Trump Hits 8 States in Final Hours of Campaign","url":"/WNT/video/trump-hits-states-final-hours-campaign-43374186"}