Trump hosts lawmakers again at the White House

The president invited the Democratic leaders of the House and Senate, drawing closer to them since closing a deal with Sen. Chuck Schumer.
1:51 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for Trump hosts lawmakers again at the White House
Tonight, president trump inviting chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to the white house. Two democratic leaders, of course. It comes after he brokered a deal with them just last week. ABC's Mary Bruce tonight, on a white house now insisting president trump is a Republican. Reporter: Meeting with members of both parties at the white house today, the Republican president sounded a lot like a Democrat, saying the wealthy may have to pay higher taxes. If they have to go higher, they'll go higher, frankly. Reporter: With his own party struggling to deliver on his agenda, the president has been wooing the other side. In the oval office last week, he struck that government funding deal with chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Tonight, they're back for an intimate dinner with the president. He calls them chuck and Nancy now. A friendlier tone that's raising questions about where he really stands. The president has called chuck Schumer a clown, Pelosi a loser, but now he seems to recognize that he needs them. How does that work, what changed? I think it's less about him needing them but more about the president wanting to work with them and wanting to help move this country forward. Reporter: Does he view Schumer and Pelosi as equal allies on the hill? Look, the president is a Republican. Reporter: Still, it's clear the white house is enjoying this moment. This president has done more for bipartisanship in the last eight days than Obama did in eight years. So, let's get to Mary Bruce live from the white house tonight. And Mary, just recently, last week, in fact, the president, chuck shoer, Nancy Pelosi, all seeing eye to eye. That was last week in the oval office. What are Republican leaders saying about this dinner tonight? Reporter: David, many Republicans I've talked with were shocked and frustrated by the president's deal with Schumer and Pelosi. But publicly, Republican leaders are putting on a positive spin. Asked today if he's afraid the president will go over his head and work with Democrats, house speaker Paul Ryan responded with just one word. Nope. David? Mary Bruce, thank you. We turn next, meantime, to a

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{"id":49832893,"title":"Trump hosts lawmakers again at the White House","duration":"1:51","description":"The president invited the Democratic leaders of the House and Senate, drawing closer to them since closing a deal with Sen. Chuck Schumer.","url":"/WNT/video/trump-hosts-lawmakers-white-house-49832893","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}