Trump and Kim Jong Un making history with their goals to denuclearize Korean Peninsula

The landmark summit between President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader wrapped after nearly five hours of various meetings.
4:46 | 06/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump and Kim Jong Un making history with their goals to denuclearize Korean Peninsula
It was remarkable M witness here. The historic summit seen all over the world. After decades as ene and a growing threat of nar war, the T leaders who cledach other names instead shaking nds with thorld watching. President trumpndim Jong-un walking toward one another. Then the hand shake, both looking serious before sng moments later. The rst time ever a sitting U.S. President met with the leader of north Korea. First sitting down one on one before meeting with a larger group. Theresidenting after the rst meeting the two had an excellent relationship. At one point president trump callingim Jong-un the presidenal limousine called the beast. It was this moment thamed likely. President trump promising Kim Jong-un security and Kim Jong-un promising complete denuclearization. Jonathan Karl leg us off. Rorter: With a wave and a fist pump president trump headed home today, confident the biggesgamble of his prency had paid off. It was a moment impossible to imagine until it actually happened. Nice to meet you. Reporter: K Jong-un said hielf it was like a S from a science fiction movie. The stern faces didn't last long, dissolving into smiles, even laughs before they nt inside. We will have a terrific relationship. I have no doubt. Reporter: Kim proclaiming an historic tning point. "The old prejudices and practices worked as obstles on our way forward," aid. "But we overcame them Al" watching it unfold, it was easy to forget for a moment these two men had been ominously threatening nuclear war. Mr. President, how is it going so far, sir? Very good. What do you think? Very, very good. Excellent relationship, thank you. Reporter: He even showed north Korean dictator his car, the armored limousine known as the beast. Mr. Presidentdid he agree to denuclearize? We're starting that process very quickly very quickly. Absolutely. Reporter: How quickly is unclear. The two leadergned a joint agreement big on goals but short on specifics. President trump promisg "Security guarantees" for Kim and Kim claring his "Unwavering commitme to complete denuclearization he Korean peninsula Thank you very much. At's fantastic. Reporter: But no nation of timing, or how the pse of getting rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons will be done and how it will be verified. But the president said the two would be meeting many times, Great personity, very smart. Reporter: The president later told reporters he had played Kim this slickly produced video depicting a stark choice for nortkorea's dictator, prosperity and glory -- A new world can begin today. Reporter: Oruclear annihilation. Later, the president spokef the opportunitfor the north. They have great beaches. You see that whenever they're exploding their canns into the ocean, rht. I id, "Boy, look at that. Wouldn't make a great condo?" Reporter: He also offered Kim a concession. The United States will cease all military exercises without Korea. I think it's inappropria to be having war games. Reporter: But what about human rights? Earlieis year the president called North Korea the most brutal repressive regime on Earth. O you still believe that is the case having sat down with Kim Jong-un and does hed to change that? Jon, I believe a rough situation over the. The's no question about it and we didss it today. Prettytrongly, it's rough. It's rough in a lot of places, by T way, not just there but it's rough. Jon Karl questioning the president in a news confence. It W something to witness. Jon, history made in Singapore. The white house acknowledges there' a lot details to work out including how the U.S. Would verify denuclearization and how soon sanctions might be lifted. The prent said they WOU be lifted when nukes are no long a factor. Virtually all the details are still to be word out starting with getting North Korea to give a full accounting of how many nuclear weapons they have of the entire nuclear program. The president said that he has very special bond with Kim Jong-un. That bond is about to be tested as they start to work out the details.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"The landmark summit between President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader wrapped after nearly five hours of various meetings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"55846899","title":"Trump and Kim Jong Un making history with their goals to denuclearize Korean Peninsula","url":"/WNT/video/trump-kim-jong-making-history-goals-denuclearize-korean-55846899"}