Trumps get firsthand look at hurricane's destruction

In Panama City, Florida, a family brought home-cooked meals to those in need as firefighters used tape to build a makeshift flagpole on Mexico Beach.
3:36 | 10/15/18

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Transcript for Trumps get firsthand look at hurricane's destruction
Back at home, president trump and the first lady seeing firsthand the devastation in Florida. And still 40 people authorities have not heard from. Look at the before and after tonight. This is Panama City, the power before. And this image from after, thousands still without power tonight. And the story behind this "Help" sign. A family member searching satellite images on her own, and getting help to her family, trapped. Here's rob Marciano. Reporter: David, we're almost a week into this disaster so the time was right for the president to pay a visit. And what he saw was a scope of destruction that requires a massive response. Mr. President? Reporter: President trump and the first lady getting their first look at the destruction. Hard to believe. I've seen pictures but it's hard to believe when you're above it in a plane and you see the total devastation, see no houses left, not even the pads are left. It's incredible. Reporter: Meanwhile, in the hard-hit ground zero of Mexico beach, first responders searching all weekend for more than 40 people still unaccounted for. Officials telling us tonight there are still a few people they have not heard from. One woman desperate to reach her family was looking at noaa's satellite photos of the storm zone when she discovered the word "Help" written in giant letters on the ground outside her grandmother's home. Directing first responders there, her family is now safe tonight. What is most striking about this hurricane damage is not just the thousands of homes that are damaged, but these retail storefronts that are completely blown out. Hundreds of commercial spaces damaged or completely destroyed. As hurricane Michael made landfall, our ginger zee was broadcasting live from Mexico beach. And, David, no matter where you are in the storm, I just saw something that I have never seen. I saw an entire home taken off of its foundation and rolled down the street. Reporter: And we're just now seeing this video shot during the hurricane. You see the condo building where ginger was as Michael bore down. Those hurricane-proof windows, not one shattering. The building still standing thanks to its concrete and rebar construction. And tonight, one of the few homes still intact. This home had just been built to withstand 250-mile-per-hour winds. Surveillance cameras capturing the storm. They just didn't know a hurricane of this size would hit this soon. What does it feel like, what are you feeling right now? It could've been us and, you know, I'm just so grateful, that we're able, that we have the ability to do this for someone else. We stand together. And that's what that flag symbolizes. So many first responders. Rob, just an incredible scene in Panama City, five days after Michael made landfall. You said getting supplies to families remains the challenge tonight? Reporter: Absolutely right. We're getting a lot of supplies to distribution points. But people having a hard time getting to the spots. But good samaritans are stepping in. Among this horrible situation, we're seeing humanity at its finest. As for the recovery, it will take years. David? Rob, thank you. Next here this evening from St. Louis, a confrontation

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"In Panama City, Florida, a family brought home-cooked meals to those in need as firefighters used tape to build a makeshift flagpole on Mexico Beach.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"58516891","title":"Trumps get firsthand look at hurricane's destruction","url":"/WNT/video/trumps-firsthand-hurricanes-destruction-58516891"}