"Tell Me the Truth Doctor"

New book by Dr. Richard Besser discusses the importance of being truthful when it comes to health.
2:01 | 04/23/13

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Transcript for "Tell Me the Truth Doctor"
And finally tonight, time for some truth about our health, and it comes from our own trusted source, dr. Richard besser. He has a new book out today, called "tell me the truth, doctor." Published by hyperion, a sister company of abc. So tonight, dr. Besser has a kind of quiz for us, about our health and the medicine in our cabinet. Absolutely, definitely. I'm not sure. I think I can. Reporter: Lots of confusion out there. Let's clear it up. Starting with the medicine cabinet. Is it safe to use drugs after the expiration date? The truth? Overthe counter drugs are good for years. Even the cdc stores drugs after their expiration date. Liquid drugs and prescription drugs should get tossed. Keeping them is dangerous. If you get a cut, clean it with rubbing alcohol, water, or ridero jen 3r0xide? I think water. I'm not sure. Rubbing alcohol. Reporter: The truth, plain water. Hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol can damage the wound. You just want to get the dirt and bacteriaut of the cut. Your immune system can do the rest. Eight out of ten americans have back pain. The truth? Bed rest isn't helpful. Get up and keep moving. Walk, gently stretch, take a pain reliever. After three days, if you don't feel better, call your doctor. Finally, watching tv, sitting too close. Does it hurt your eyes? I think so. I do eve that was never proven. I sat close to the tv when i was young and I'm very near sighted. Reporter: The truth? Sitting close to the tv can strain your eyes. But hurt them? No. That's not why people need glasses. We thank dr. Richard beser and we leave you now from dallas. Tomorrow we'll be at the new

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{"id":19026551,"title":"\"Tell Me the Truth Doctor\"","duration":"2:01","description":"New book by Dr. Richard Besser discusses the importance of being truthful when it comes to health.","url":"/WNT/video/truth-doctor-19026551","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}