The Truth About Saving on Insurance

Secrets on how to shop around for insurance and find up to $1,500 in hidden savings.
2:44 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for The Truth About Saving on Insurance
Next tonight our "real money" team is back. Every year one of the biggest expenses for a family is car and home insurance and tonight a big revelation. What if it doesn't pay to be a loyal customer, what if, in fact, you're paying more? Abc's paula faris with secrets on how to shop around and get back a lot of money. Reporter: Paul and sue rodman of atlanta are parents to three growing boys, the oldest on the verge of getting his driver's license. More insurance, $700 a year. Reporter: That's on top of the $2300 they're already paying annually for auto and home insurance. Guess what day it is. Reporter: Insurance companies are doing everything they can to get our attention today, but how do you know if you have the right coverage? You've been with them for how long? Since 16. Reporter: According to our expert clark howard doesn't mean much. Insurers in many cases are going to stun you, pen lies you if you become hyper loyal. They can push rates up on you. Reporter: Tip number one shop around every three years for insurance rates. Check out websites like bankrate.Com to find our coverage and compare quotes. Instantly we get 14 different auto insurance quotes ranging from $918 to $1800. That's nearly double for the exact same policy. Tip number two -- never ever ever make a small claim. record for three to five years and raises your rate ten percent minimum. Finally, tip number three, ask for deductions with this key phrase. You say is that all, is there nothing else. Reporter: We found out 16-year-old nicholas could save 30 percent by taking a driver's class and getting good grades and for installing a gps device like this offered by many insurers. It monitors your driving habits and rewards you for being safe behind the wheel. Our family called around. Thank you very much. It's less. Reporter: Finding $1500 in savings. And that's real money! Reporter: Our expect says most people make the mistake of buying policies with low deduct ibls. He recommends raising those deductib deductibles. It makes sense considering he advises against making small claims anyway. Tomorrow night you're tackling another frustration. We're traveling to boston, little ways to save big, make sure you're not spending a bundle on your cable bill. Thank you so much. Great to see you. And a modern family moment

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{"id":20651945,"title":"The Truth About Saving on Insurance","duration":"2:44","description":"Secrets on how to shop around for insurance and find up to $1,500 in hidden savings.","url":"/WNT/video/truth-saving-insurance-20651945","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}