Twist in high profile immigration case

President Trump said DREAMers would be protected from his immigration crackdown, but that wasn't the case for Juan Manuel Montes.
3:18 | 04/20/17

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Transcript for Twist in high profile immigration case
What could be the first case of a dream or being deported from this country someone brought to this country illegally when he was a child. But tonight the Department of Homeland Security disputing his case and the judge who will decide whether to force DHS to turn over any records on the young man's deportation. The Indiana judge of Mexican descent who then candidate Donald Trump blasted during the campaign questioning his impartiality because of his quote. Mexican heritage. Here's ABC senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega tonight. He's the Indiana born judge whom president trump called biased because of his Mexican heritage. And tonight Gonzalo curry L is back in the spotlight presiding over a suit out by what could be the first dreamer deported by the trump administration. During the campaign then candidate trump repeatedly attacked judge Cory Els impartiality. Calling him unfit to oversee a case about trump university how judge who is. They hater of Donald Trump I hate. I believe he happens to be Spanish which is fine he's Hispanic. Which is fine we're building a wall he's a Mexican. It is a complete coincidence that Korea has been assigned a case of Juan Manuel months as a 23 year old who illegally came to the US when he was just nine. A so called dreamer who wonder President Obama received protected status from deportation. But tonight he is back in Mexico to port it. Cortes says it happened in February he was near the border and collects ago California walking to a taxi stand. He says a Border Patrol agent detained him hours later he says he was physically removed from the United States. A day or two after that much has illegally crossed back into the US claiming the facts he saw a Border Patrol agent and turned himself in. The next day he was deported. But immigration officials say it didn't happen that way. They say moment has entered Mexico on his own. And was deported when he returned. Today the Homeland Security secretary says by leaving the US without permission. Launch has forfeited his protections as a dreamer truth but he he gave that up by his behavior. And by his illegal actions but not as his lawyers say immigration authorities are lying about what really happened. And they are now suing for more information about the case. Judge Cory L will decide whether they get that information. There are huge questions here about what the true 'cause. And this young man deserves answers shortly after taking office president trump told David dreamers would be protected under his immigration crackdown is there anything you can say to assure them right now. But they'll be allowed to stick. They shouldn't be very word. They are here legally they shouldn't be very word I do have a big heart we're going to take care of everybody. And tonight his administration still insist those dreamers don't have to worry. So leaving you with a slide again tonight from the White House and Cecilia president trump had some strong words about judge Israel during the campaign what are they saying here at the White House tonight. Now that he's hearing his immigration case well David as you know this is a president who has been outspoken about judges in general calling them so called judges questioning. There integrity so far this president has been silent about Cory L we did ask the White House if he still believes that his heritage makes him. Biased statement no comments to city Vegas with a sick and tonight.

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{"id":46925008,"title":"Twist in high profile immigration case","duration":"3:18","description":"President Trump said DREAMers would be protected from his immigration crackdown, but that wasn't the case for Juan Manuel Montes.","url":"/WNT/video/twist-high-profile-immigration-case-46925008","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}