Unnamed Trump senior official paints grim WH scene in op-ed

The writer said in a piece for The New York Times that the president had betrayed values long held by Republicans.
5:44 | 09/05/18

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Transcript for Unnamed Trump senior official paints grim WH scene in op-ed
to have you with on a very bus and we begin with T unprecedenteve. A letter published late today by"the New York Times" written by one insidehe tru adstration, anonymous senior officialhat it's like inside the white house, inside this admi saying president, but D colleagues and I have vowed wart paf president's agenda and his worst inclinatns kws aenior official writing, we know whathappenin country first. Tonight, the president T just ments ag one-wo question. Treaso book. Abc'chief white house correspondent Jonathan Karl leadin off. Reporter:n Ith Bob woodwadonald trump G a review of his performance as president. Nobody's ever done a better job than I'm doing apresident, that I can tell you. Reporter: But now, an histic act of ance from somebody who works for the pridt. In an op-ed published in "The New York Times," named senior adminision office writ"I work fothe esident. But like-minded colleagues and I ha vowed to thwart parts of his agennd his wor inclions." The officiaints a gri sce. "It's no that the special unsel loomlae," he writes."or that T country ibitterly divided Mr. Trump adip. The dilemma, WHE does not fully grasp, is that many of the seor officls in his own are working diligently from withino rate parts his agenda inclinations. Weieve our fsty is to entry. And the presidco manner that is detrimental to the health of ourrepublic. The of the prlem is the presidt'orality." The unnamed off offers a devastating portrayal of the president. Re leadershi style is impetuous, adversarial, petty and inef senior offic will privel admit R daily dif the commdehief's off the rails. He engages in repetitive ran and his impults in half-baked, ilformed and occasionally rec that have E K." The writer says the president has Ed values long Republicans, particular his ch to foreign policy. "President T shows a preference for autocrats and dior vladim Putin andim Jong-un, ansplays lite genuine appreciation for the ties that nd us to allied, like-minded nations. The official there are two rctrump presidency, the self and the aides working quietly to block his actions. "This isn't the work of the sodete," he writes."it's the work of the steady state. The bigger concern itrump has donee H to do to us. E sunk lowh him and allowed our discoursto be stripped of civility." The op-ed contends nation officls are Ying to sa tntry from the presidthey serve. "Acans should know there are adults in the room. Ully recogze what is happening. And we are trying to do what's right mp wo there is a quiet resistance wiinistration osg to put cry first." Today, the president blasthe official as, quote, "Gutless." What we've done.so, when you tell me about S who is failing and probably here for all T wrong -- "The New York Times failing. I weren't here, I believe K time probably wouldn't even exist. And some D- Reporter: This devastating atwithin comes J 24 hours after a first look at a Bob woodwd book tt Pais similar portrait. ING about a, quot "Administrative coup at" by the president's own top advisers. Doment off T president's desk, believing the president woul even knowt. E official quoted saying, "Got to protect the country." The book dcribes defense secretary exasperated. Aftetrump repeatedly questioned the cost of America's large MI presence on Korean psula, woodrd says, "Mattis bluntly told the prendon Der to prevent World War I.'" according woodward,at later ld close aociates the presidt "Had the U of fifth or H grader." Mattis denied usinguch contemptuous S, and the president called word's book a piece fiion. The book means nothing. 'S a work F lk BAC at Woodward's pa with oth presidents. Me books. The president to that book, reacting T this letter in "Tew York Times." Let's goe torl. And Thi extraorna move "The New York Times" Blish this someone they describs senior admiofficial, partarse the person didn't sign their the wr remains anonymousnight. Know our teameached out to "The ti T find out what went into their deci-making here.wever are they explainihecision? Eporter: He times" said the off wand to ma ymous and they believedishing the essaynonymously was T only way toer a important psp to our audience. As younted out, the president isstinghis is treason and thehite house is Ng whoever this should rig. Dad? Onarl live at thehi house. Jon, thank you, as ways.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"The writer said in a piece for The New York Times that the president had betrayed values long held by Republicans. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57631137","title":"Unnamed Trump senior official paints grim WH scene in op-ed","url":"/WNT/video/unnamed-trump-senior-official-paints-grim-wh-scene-57631137"}