US Officials on the Lookout for ISIS-Made Passports

Concern after ISIS overtakes cities with government passport offices.
2:50 | 12/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Officials on the Lookout for ISIS-Made Passports
And there is news when the Pentagon tonight three top crisis leaders killed in Iraq. The three taken down and separate coalition airstrikes late last month including one of the most senior members of their financial network. And here are home tonight the FBI arresting a terror suspect in Minnesota. The twenty year old Somali American accused of supporting crisis in Syria and Iraq. Allegedly tried to help nine men leave the US and joined the terror group authorities saying he helped pay for at least one of their passports. We turn now to an ABC news investigation tonight a troubling new development just one month after the terror attacks in Paris. You'll remember this image authorities say one of the alleged suicide bombers using this fake passport to slip into Europe among the Syrian refugees. Tonight a chilling new warning ice is now has its hands on at least one official passport printing machines. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross on the concern those fake passports. Could be used here. With the US and other countries on high alert tonight for crisis attacks. American authorities are warning the terror group may have infiltrated followers into this country with authentic looking passport it has printed itself. Almost impossible to detect. If I says has been able to acquire legitimate passports. We're machines that create legitimate passports this resentment representing major security risk to United States. Authorities say is crisis swept through major Syrian cities last year. It was able to seize government passport turning machines the kind used by major governments around the world. A Homeland Security investigations bulletin sent to law enforcement in the last week and obtained by ABC news showed examples of suspect passports and said prices may have boxes full of blank passports the bulletin warned that individuals from Syria with passports issued in these ice is controlled cities or who had passport blanks may have traveled to the US. The director of the FBI first revealed the problem publicly on Wednesday. The intelligence community is concerned that they have the ability. The capability. To manufacture. Fraudulent passports. Which is a concern in any setting. Several of the fraudulent passports have already been discovered in Europe. Most notably in the terrorist attacks when authorities said one of the suicide bombers use this forward Syrian passport to come to Europe as a refugee. And Brian where this now this is very concerning a printing machine and what about the concern that they can use these fake passports to come here. Well there that's a very serious concern tonight someone traveling on a Syrian passport. We still need to get a US visa to come here. But now officials are going back through immigration record to see if anyone made it into this country with one of those Syrian counterfeit passport Brian Ross on the trail again tonight Brian thank you.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Concern after ISIS overtakes cities with government passport offices.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"35705157","title":"US Officials on the Lookout for ISIS-Made Passports","url":"/WNT/video/us-officials-lookout-isis-made-passports-35705157"}