US women's soccer team gets ready for World Cup finals

The reigning champs will defend their title against the Netherlands on Sunday.
2:17 | 07/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US women's soccer team gets ready for World Cup finals
The U.S. Women's soccer team getting ready to take the field in the finals tomorrow against the Netherlands. Interest around the world spiking in that title crash. ABC's Adrienne Bankert is in Lyon, Paris. Reporter: Tonight team U.S.A. Getting ready for their ultimate test. Practicing on the eve of the world cup final, star Megan rapinoe says she's ready. I expect to be good to go for tomorrow and very excited about that opportunity. Reporter: She's healing up after a strain to her hamstring sidelined her during their last match, as is midfielder rose Lavelle, who says despite being ranked number one the team doesn't think of Sunday's game against the Netherlands as a sure bet. We know that everybody knows that they can compete with us and we're ready to compete with them. Reporter: The Dutch are the reigning European champions. Co-captain Alex Morgan who received a mixed response for that controversial tea sipping celebratory pose after her goal against England says they're staying focused. How are you kind of keeping the noise out? At the end of the day we're here to do a job, a job we've dreamt of and worked our entire lives for. Reporter: But just hours before the big game the issue of pay equity for one of the most successful teams in all of sports is far from being sidelined. Money money money Reporter: That was rapinoe's reaction to the president of FIFA's proposal to double the prize money for women's soccer across the board. The men's prize for the next world cup projected to reach $440 million. FIFA proposing to double the total prize money for the next women's tournament to $60 million. We should double it now and then use that number to double it or quadruple it for the next time, obviously. Adrienne Bankert joins us live. Thousands of Americans are expected to cheer for team U.S.A. At the game tomorrow, Adrienne? That's right, Tom. Up to 20,000 Americans are here in Lyon for that final. Nike reports that the team's Jerseys are flying off the shelves. In fact, Nike said on their website that the U.S.A. Team Jerseys are the best selling soccer Jersey ever, mens or womens. Tom? Incredible news. Adrienne Bankert staying up late for us tonight.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"The reigning champs will defend their title against the Netherlands on Sunday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"64171032","title":"US women's soccer team gets ready for World Cup finals ","url":"/WNT/video/us-womens-soccer-team-ready-world-cup-finals-64171032"}