Veterans Getting a Chance to Showcase Their Talents

Charlie Reeder is part of an internship program at the NYSE for 28 returning war veterans.
1:49 | 09/11/13

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Transcript for Veterans Getting a Chance to Showcase Their Talents
marine who fought for his country after 9/11, returned home and just blocks from the world trade center, he's reminding everyone what he was fighting for. Ab rebecca jarvis with the man who is america strong. Reporter: He is 7,000 miles from fallujah, worlds away from the battlefields where he nearly lost his life. But now, just steps from where the twin towers went down on SEPTEMBER 11th, CHARLIE REEDER Is about as close to accomplishing his dream as you can get. To be blocks away from the reason I was in iraq and afghanistan is really amazing. Reporter: He is part of a special 10-week internship program at the new york stock exchange for 28 returning military veterans. Three years ago as a marine and machine gunner in iraq, reeder couldn't have even imagined it. We were going down a street and there's a cooler that was filled with explosives and ball BEARINGS AND BBs AND JUST ALL Types of debris. Reporter: But now he faces a very different reality. These are some of the best people you will hire. Best people you will hire. Reporter: Duncan neiderauer started the program two years ago. Back then, unemployment for young male vets returning from war was two times higher than the rest of americans. Now the rate is half that at ten percent. Veterans have all the character traits that you or i would want, character, adversity, being a teammate, check all the boxes. Reporter: Today reeder has been checking his own boxes, like ringing the closing bell. I honestly don't have words to describe my life jins joining the marine corps, getting out of it, having any opportunity whatsoever. Reporter: Charlie reeder, teaching all of us what it means to be america strong. Rebecca jarvis, abc news, new

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{"id":20230549,"title":"Veterans Getting a Chance to Showcase Their Talents","duration":"1:49","description":"Charlie Reeder is part of an internship program at the NYSE for 28 returning war veterans.","url":"/WNT/video/veterans-chance-showcase-talents-20230549","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}