Victims Stare Down Tsarnaev in Emotional Boston Bombing Trial

Jury heard from the injured and family members of the dead in second day of testimony.
2:39 | 03/06/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Victims Stare Down Tsarnaev in Emotional Boston Bombing Trial
Now, to the Boston bombing trial, and a dramatic day in court. The video from moments after the bombings, and the heroism. The rescuers, including a police officer who saved a 3-year-old. The suspect watching it all in court. Among the victims, a young woman with a message for the aim accused bomber being read bill so many tonight. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross with the interview. Reporter: Witnesses today described a horrific scene. Like a zombie movie. One man saying, the smoky air smelled like the fourth of July. The chaos and the carnage in the aftermath here caught on tape by a wounded spectator. Get her out of here. Reporter: Frantic emergency workers try to treat the most seriously injured first. You're okay. Reporter: Today, the jury also heard from this Boston police officer, who rescued a 3-year-old boy. From a man who lost both legs, carried off by a stranger in a cowboy hat. And from bill Richard, whose family watched the marathon, just steps away from tsarnaev and the backpack bomb. His 8-year-old son martin was killed. His 7-year-old daughter Jane lost her leg. A somber parade of victims in court, ten in all, and as each took the stand, tsarnaev looked down and tried to avoid making eye contact. He's destroyed lives. Reporter: What do you say about the fact that he could not look you in the eye? I just don't think that he can face what he did, either that or he doesn't care. Reporter: 27-year-old Rebecca Greg little is one of those who lost a leg. This is her on the ground, moenlts after the blast. After her testimony, she posted a letter on Facebook to tsarnaev, that's gone viral. "You are a coward," she wrote. Gregory went through some 40 surgeries and told us, tsarnaev was always in her night marls until she was able to stare him down from the witness stand. He really was somebody I was afraid of, yeah. In a lot of ways. Reporter: And now? And now, I have kind of taken that back and I don't have that fear anymore. Because I looked at what tried to destroy me and I've come out stronger because of it. Incredible bravery. Brian Ross with us now from Boston. I was there in Boston, as well, this morning for that conversation with so many members of the community. They were very honest about how difficult these last 48 hours have been, given the beginning of this trial. Reporter: That's right, David. This is all about seeing justice be done for the victims, however. The courtrooms are packed. There's a special room they can watch on closed circuit TV. For some, the emotions are just too powerful, and others, just can't stand to be in the same room with dzhokhar tsarnaev. David? Brian Ross with us from Boston again tonight.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Jury heard from the injured and family members of the dead in second day of testimony.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"29428165","title":"Victims Stare Down Tsarnaev in Emotional Boston Bombing Trial","url":"/WNT/video/victims-stare-tsarnaev-emotional-boston-bombing-trial-29428165"}