Vietnam Vet Uses Horses to Help Returning Soldiers Heal

Bob Nevins runs a program for Iraq war veterans called Saratoga War Horse.
2:14 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for Vietnam Vet Uses Horses to Help Returning Soldiers Heal
And finally tonight, so many americans fought with courage overseas but have trouble finding peace at home. So what if the answer lies in the healing power of a horse. A story from our friends at espn and abc's jon donvan about warrior and war horse together. They're america strong. Reporter: Why horses help. That's the mystery, but they do. Or did. A generation or so, and another american war ago. When the man in the co-pilot seat, bob nevins, went to fight in vietnam and then came home again. He found that working with horses was the thing that soothed him best. I realized then that there was some kind of deep emotional connection that actually opened people up. Reporter: Now nevins is passing it forward. Inviting these iraq war veterans for a three day program he runs called saratoga war horse near the saratoga spring race track for one time warriors like and these men, it's memory that wounds them. For specialist tj hawkins it was watching his best friend die in action. He meant a lot. The best brother anybody could ask for. Reporter: But then nevins sent him out into the corral and guides him on making a connection. And it began. Horse to man. Man to horse. I didn't want anybody to ask me about any good experiences in iraq, any bad experiences. Reporter: But these creatures don't ask. They don't remind of the past. If anything, they stand for life. For breath. For a strong heart beating in the present. I'm on top of the world. It feels amazing. I'm not here to fix anyone. But I'm here to give them an experience that can change their life. Reporter: Maybe that's why horses work. As a gift from a man who believes in america strong.

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{"id":19976247,"title":"Vietnam Vet Uses Horses to Help Returning Soldiers Heal","duration":"2:14","description":"Bob Nevins runs a program for Iraq war veterans called Saratoga War Horse.","url":"/WNT/video/vietnam-vet-horses-returning-soldiers-heal-19976247","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}