Viewers Buy Holiday Gifts That Are Made in America

David Muir finds out what U.S.-made products people are buying for their families.
3:10 | 12/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Viewers Buy Holiday Gifts That Are Made in America
It is our made in America Christmas as world news issues a challenge to every one to tell us something great. You are buying this holiday made right here at home. You've already answered the call with some amazing ideas that are made in America champion David Muir is here to tell us what they are. -- -- every corner of the country you. On the -- Are you exploded his home. You and I presume has little -- entire class. Pastor Billy grace Presbyterian Church in Martins ferry Ohio -- -- idea. Food bank it. Countless viewers discovering there are great American fines if you just look. A different Georgia with -- southern charm -- southern -- We'd be without. -- -- -- so many of our ABC stations linking arms with our viewers. He -- in San Antonio do check the labels to see where things or may -- four in Seattle. He sees great made in -- Christmas challenge. All fours joining world news even on the hunt to distort -- greed -- -- -- Words -- just booties just about everything's made in America. WC CM as part of our great Michigan. And instilled in Indiana WP indeed finding them and make them and their help he's telling his -- America -- beautiful world going. -- -- Instead of the -- -- -- -- Celtics made in America conversations taken off elsewhere too. So many Americans going on Twitter and for the first time -- talent. Since we started this journey 946565. Tweaked -- three words made in America. World news viewers a huge part of that. Like Samantha just pleaded neat little Christmas shopping today for some friends and the best part all -- it made in America and she sent me the pictures prove it. And who noticed this conversation one of the founders of Twitter and we found him in New York. -- we'll hated America he seen the trend on Twitter and you've seen if our senate. Jack Dorsey and without him we wouldn't be sending those 140 character tweets he says movements on Twitter come in all sizes some -- very very large. Global that some states small but this is a small on -- -- -- And -- -- in her salary -- artist Alexander a New -- buildings -- American made. And the tweet from good nineties between -- -- our hands wildly from made in America wearing their night church in PGA's. It was that simple tweet about a putting trying tweeting about American giant in San Francisco. New CEMIG clothing sold out of equities hopefully some new jobs I bought one -- America. They're very excited we reach out today we learned tonight that word is spreading so fast -- -- big and zip up their bodies so I was able in my hands on one but. Back ordered until February and Jack Dorsey founder of Twitter. The American pockets where so that was good enough for him -- that was enough for me and I went all right keep those ideas coming every line.

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{"id":17949514,"title":"Viewers Buy Holiday Gifts That Are Made in America","duration":"3:10","description":"David Muir finds out what U.S.-made products people are buying for their families.","url":"/WNT/video/viewers-buy-holiday-gifts-made-america-17949514","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}