Voters in Iowa Take Their Caucus Seriously

Iowa is a must win for candidates in a race that is so close.
3:10 | 02/01/16

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Transcript for Voters in Iowa Take Their Caucus Seriously
No caucus goers are finally gathering tonight the debate within families among neighbors here. Began long before so many telling me today they take their first in the nation role. Very seriously here. As the Iowa Caucuses are held tonight it's likely some of the debate started here CBO Packers out front the machines that is part of the Iowa caucus tradition. The machine shed restaurant in DeMulling of the many boarding stops on the big day for. Every morning news Iowa is the focus of the country. What do you think that touch good and bad the phone hasn't stopped ringing but it doesn't stop them. The time on the map a lot of times he'll say. Idaho. I don't data eight at Idaho's rate to and I you know. Rivers there Melinda watts Lee is ready for tonight's other easy buy side you know what today is. What's today. What's today. The caucus. Thanks mom. Equipment Melinda has an official rule organizing tonight every four years the country is studying all guys they're eight. How important is that he does this very important excellence at queen we love our first patients at its height and our air and Barrett Morris with her family helping to run her precinct tonight. Though many are still undecided they get past it. Stressed out making it just like reference site editor. Then. Still yeah I still reference. It they may be undecided billion but the order here tomorrow morning it easy to predict. The famous cinnamon rule this is the thickness of the home. Hated America at the machine shed since 1970. It's past. No campaigning. Decide that it. The cinnamon rolls really only think we can predict with any certainty at least for now let's get right to George Stephanopoulos who will lead the team tonight. As these results comedian George no candidate wants to lose I will of course but for Bernie Sanders. On the democratic side and Ted Cruz on the Republican side is Iowa a must win I think just. Actually true for Bernie Sanders listen if he if he wins it is going to be a very big deal tonight but he'll still have a hard road the nomination Secretary Clinton is better organized. In the big state she's got a lot of support from minority voters and the support of the political establishment and if she wins in Iowa tonight. They are going to close ranks behind her big time as for Ted Cruz I think he could survive a close second. To Donald Trump in Iowa but if if trump opens up a big lead over cruise or even worse his nightmare scenarios that Marco Rubio slips by him. Then it's going to be very hard to imagine how he recovers from that but if he's close he's got money he's well organized in the southern states got some support there he can survive. Right towards him forward to joining a little later tonight George in the entire powerhouse political team. Standing by we have continuing coverage throughout the night we will break in live with the results. And then we are on the New Hampshire and the next big debate after Iowa at right footed after primary. Point part about it to me as we moderate the Republican debate next Saturday night. Like your odd days.

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{"id":36651131,"title":"Voters in Iowa Take Their Caucus Seriously","duration":"3:10","description":"Iowa is a must win for candidates in a race that is so close.","url":"/WNT/video/voters-iowa-caucus-36651131","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}