Wall of Wildfires Destroys Entire Neighborhoods in the West

Blazes erupted when brush fire burned out of control as heavy winds and high temperatures fueled fires.
2:44 | 06/30/15

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Transcript for Wall of Wildfires Destroys Entire Neighborhoods in the West
We begin with the breaking news that wall of flames in the west a wildfire in Washington State exploding in size. Homes destroyed more than 18100 acres burned. Hundreds of families evacuated and if you look closely you can make out what's left of that house in flames from above entire neighborhoods destroyed. And the twists and embers from that fire picked up by the winds setting off new explosion. ABC's Neal Karlinsky. Tonight the city of Wenatchee Washington is fighting fire on two fronts in the hillsides and homes around town. Probably 4050 foot wall plane. Manila OS it is unbelievable into the heart of downtown were nearly half the city was forced to sheltering place for a time. As ammonia leaked from a series of industrial buildings that caught fire the worst it continues to be these businesses downtown and there really. Throwing up thick thick toxic afternoon. What started as a simple brush fire or exploded Sunday under record heat and winds gusting to fifty miles per hour. Helicopters were rushed in to help but there was little they could do it would lose what we've costs by as the firestorm at least 24 homes burned to the ground. All of them in the hills surrounding the city. Four firefighters were slightly injured but no homeowners were hurt you feel helpless. It's at its height. A series of fires burned in several areas around the city. Downtown where flying embers ignited two fruit packing companies at a recycling business. Flames burned a number of propane tanks setting off explosions. Tonight residents many of them with hoes in hand are standing ready that the worst is over still have to be vigilant. These hillsides are scorched but mostly under control right now the real concern though is the forecast the entire areas under a red flag warning and the threat of more. Possible wild fires ahead. Amy. And meteorologist ginger zee is here with me now in ginger record breaking heat out west and red flagged war. And is that going anywhere at a red flag warning some of them do you get out of here tonight let's go straight to the maps Amy you can see those in parts the cascades are just east of them that dry lightning a big problem but it's. It's the heat it's the low humidity and that's what's pumping on up and not going anywhere this week ten to twenty degrees above average on Tuesday alone. Some of those numbers we'll sore back into the one hundreds even if he dropped in the nineties. Were also watching the severe thunderstorms tornado watch in parts of Kentucky West Virginia and southern Ohio. Then go back to Minnesota and Wisconsin where tonight we've had several reports of hail damaging wind also possible in any Rampage. Ari ginger thanks so much and want to congratulate you on your breaking baby news think.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Blazes erupted when brush fire burned out of control as heavy winds and high temperatures fueled fires.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"32114513","title":"Wall of Wildfires Destroys Entire Neighborhoods in the West","url":"/WNT/video/wall-wildfires-destroys-entire-neighborhoods-west-32114513"}