Walmart to Spend $50 Billion on Products Made in America

World's largest retailer plans investment in US-made goods over the next 10 years.
3:18 | 01/16/13

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Transcript for Walmart to Spend $50 Billion on Products Made in America
And you've joined us as over the past year, "world news" has championed jobs in america and more products made and sold here. Well, tonight, big news. Walmart, such a big retailer, every move they make can change the retail economy, is signaling they're on board, announcing today they'll spend $50 billion over ten years on new products all made right here at home. So, how many jobs could that be? Our made in america captain is back, david muir, on the case. David? Reporter: That's right, diane. Walmart the latest and largest retailer to say, wait a minute. While the math of making things overseas made a lot of sense, it doesn't always add up now. And economists arguing their move today was about far more than just p.R. Tonight, walmart with that bold promise. Buying an additional $50 billion in goods to sell, made in america over the next decade. It comes after years of criticism that walmart doesn't pay enough in wages and that the company semis too many products made overseas. Critics arguing that's how they keep their prices so low. We asked walmart shoppers to check the labels today. It didn't take long. Maria small and her new blouse -- made in china. Reporter: This couple and their new stool. Made in china. Reporter: But today, walmart u.S. Was adamant, saying two-thirds of what it sells in america is sourced right here in america. And they're now promising more. Maria, still searching that cart, did find something. This one is made in the usa. Reporter: And that promise of 50 billion more spent? They could create as much as 170,000 jobs in the united states. Reporter: He says they'll likely spread that money out, but they'll still be creating thousands of jobs. And he sails it's now a big name behind a big trend. Companies suddenly arguing the math of manufacturing overseas doesn't always add up anymore. Apple revealing some of its mac computers will say "made in america." Global foundry, showing us those microchips, looking at factories in europe and asia, choosing upstate new york. And today, we learned about that slowly changing map from walmart. Labor costs in asia are rising. Oil and transportation costs are high. The equation is changing. Reporter: But we wanted proof that walmart's promise will deliver. American xeechls weighing in tonight. Coleman coolers pointing to 160 manufacturing jobs helped by their partnership with walmart already. And 1880 mills outside atlanta georgia. They've been making towels for walmart overseas. Telling us they've been asking them here? Tonight, the deal has been made. This is one of the towels walmart will have in store with our made here packaging on it. Reporter: It says made in america? It does. Reporter: Towels made here, about to be shipped to your local walmart. 600 stores this spring and although 600 next fall? That's correct. Reporter: She told me, up to 50 new jobs created because of this. And walmart promising something else today. It plans to hire some 100,000 u.S. Veterans over five years, with support from the first lady tonight, who has championed jobs for veterans. And diane, we were talking, the ceo of walmart served 25 years in the u.S. Navy. So, they're going to hire every veteran who has been out for a year or less? Reporter: A year or less, starting memorial day. A salute on that tonight. Thank you, david.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"World's largest retailer plans investment in US-made goods over the next 10 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"18224734","title":"Walmart to Spend $50 Billion on Products Made in America","url":"/WNT/video/walmart-spend-50-billion-products-made-america-18224734"}