Concerning Weather Ahead

Skies alive across the country with hail, lightning and an EF2 tornado as hurricane season starts this weekend.
1:47 | 05/30/14

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Transcript for Concerning Weather Ahead
Donald sterling's lawyer says he's suing the NBA and his wife. Thanks. Tonight, they're cleaning up after a round of severe weather. And now, the beginning of hurricane season. Ginger zee with the hurricane forecast. But first, the pictures and the families rebuilding as we head into this weekend. Reporter: Overnight, skies alive from the Canadian border to the gulf of Mexico. Almost 400 severe weather reports this week that have brought us some stunning images. Hail covering roads as far as the eye can see in North Dakota. Look at that, dude. Reporter: In South Dakota, a storm chaser surviving a bolt of lightning that sent dirt and debris flying on impact. And today, the president at a briefing with FEMA. As hurricane season begins, we have to remember that responding to a hurricane is a team effort. Reporter: Reminding all of us that now is the time to prepare for what noaa says will be a season with 8 to 13 named storms, 3 to 6 hurricanes, and 1 to 2 major hurricanes. Three to six hurricanes. And you always point out, don't be fooled by the number. Right, because all it takes is one to hit land. They're just probabilities. And this weekend? We do have some tropical moisture coming. And Saturday into Sunday, a little tornado risk for south Dakota all the way into the panhandle of Texas. Thank you. And tonight, more signs Hillary Clinton is mulling a

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{"id":23937812,"title":"Concerning Weather Ahead ","duration":"1:47","description":"Skies alive across the country with hail, lightning and an EF2 tornado as hurricane season starts this weekend.","url":"/WNT/video/weather-ahead-23937812","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}