West Virginia Sheriff Eugene Crum Gunned Down

Sheriff with reputation for cracking down on drug dealers killed at point-blank range in car during
1:52 | 04/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for West Virginia Sheriff Eugene Crum Gunned Down
report on another bulletin about a law enforcement official gund down, this time in broad daylight. A sheriff in west virginia was eating lunch in his car when someone walked up and shot him. Abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has the details on today's breaking news and those other cases, including the district attorney's out west. Reporter: Tonight in west virginia, a tearful prayer. West virginia sheriff jumpt yeen crumb was sitting in his car this afternoon on lunch break, when a man walked up and fired at point break range. Sheriff crumb died a short time later. Our whole community is just heart broken because we knew he really cared. The suspect was caught after a chase and gun battle with the police. His motive unknown, but it shocked the community. He did more in less time being in office. Reporter: The sheriff is the fourth public official shot and killed in the past two months alone. ON MARCH 19th, THE COLORADO Prison's chief was murdered at his front door. And just this past weekend, a texas prosecutor and his wife were found murdered in their home. That came only weeks after the prosecutor's top deputy was shot down near the courthouse. Tonight, public officials across the country on edge at the prospect of more violence and brazen criminals. When they see an act committed successfully, it motivates them to try it themselves. Reporter: In texas, there's no breakthroh in the prosecutor murders. Anything that the public can help you with? Not that we're releasing at this time. Reporter: So tonight in texas, new answers. Where the security is tight and the tension remains. Pierre thomas, abc news, kaufman, texas.

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{"id":18874682,"title":"West Virginia Sheriff Eugene Crum Gunned Down","duration":"1:52","description":"Sheriff with reputation for cracking down on drug dealers killed at point-blank range in car during ","url":"/WNT/video/west-virginia-sheriff-eugene-crum-gunned-18874682","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}