WH defends Trump's mocking of Ford in front of cheering crowd

Lawyers for the Brett Kavanaugh accuser called the president's actions a vicious, vile and soulless attack.
4:04 | 10/03/18

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Transcript for WH defends Trump's mocking of Ford in front of cheering crowd
next to the supreme court showdown, fast-moving developments tonight, over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. The senate bracing for the results of the FBI investigation, which could now come at any time. Tonight, the white house now saying the president did not mock Dr. Christine blasey Ford when he appeared to imitate her onstage. ABC's senior white house correspondent Cecilia Vega tonight. Reporter: Tonight, the white house is defending president trump after he openly mocked Christine blasey Ford, rallying a cheering crowd. 36 years ago, this happened. I had one beer. Right? I had one beer. Well, you think it was -- no, it was one beer. Oh, good. How did you get home? I don't know remember. How did you get there? I don't remember. Where is the place? I don't remember. How many years ago was it? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. What neighborhood was it in? I don't know. Where's the house? I don't know. Upstairs, downstairs, where was it? I don't know. But I had one beer, that's the only thing I remember. Reporter: Ford's lawyers calling it a vicious, vile and soulless attack, asking, is it any wonder that she was terrified to come forward, and that other sexual assault survivors are as well? After Ford's emotional testimony on capitol hill last week, the president struck a completely different tone. I thought her testimony was very compelling and she looks like a very fine woman to me, a very fine woman. But certainly she was a very credible witness. Reporter: It was just a couple of days ago that the president called Christine blasey Ford a very credible witness, very credible, very compelling. But now he's basically making her out to be a liar. So, which is it? Certainly, the testimony by Dr. Ford was compelling, but you can't make this decision based on emotion, it has to be based on fact. Reporter: Ford concedes she does not remember many details about the night in question. She says that's why she wanted an FBI investigation in the first place. But when it comes to details about the alleged attack itself, she says her memory is crystal clear. I went up a very narrow set of stairs leading from the living room to a second floor to use the restroom. When I got to the top of the stairs, I was pushed from behind into a bedroom across from the bathroom. Reporter: Ford also says she remembers the laughter between Kavanaugh and his friend mark judge. What is the strongest memory you have? The strongest memory of the incident? Something that you cannot forget. The laughter. The uproarious laughter between the two. And their having fun at my expense. Reporter: Kavanaugh and judge deny any of this happened. President trump had said he would keep an open mind until the FBI completes its investigation. But in front of his supporters, now, a very different tone. We want Kavanaugh! We want Kavanaugh! Reporter: Is that to help Kavanaugh's no, ma'am snags? Is this to rally the base? Is this going to help with the midterms? What's the point in doing that? Again, I dispute that it wasn't anything other than the president stating facts. Reporter: The facts, soon to be in the hands of senators who will decide judge Kavanaugh's fate. So, let's get to Cecilia Vega, live with us again tonight from the white house. And Cecilia, as you heard late today, senator Dianne Feinstein now tonight saying the FBI investigation is, quote, not credible unless they interview judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine blasey Ford. And we know Dr. Ford's team says she has not been interviewed. What did the white house say about? Reporter: Well, David, remember, it is the white house that gives the order on who the FBI can interview. Sarah Sanders made it very clear today the position here, she said, if the senators voting on Kavanaugh's nomination have more questions for him or for Christine blasey Ford, they should have asked though questions during last week's hearing on capitol hill. All right, Cecilia, thank you. And as the president awaits

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Lawyers for the Brett Kavanaugh accuser called the president's actions a vicious, vile and soulless attack. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"58269103","title":"WH defends Trump's mocking of Ford in front of cheering crowd","url":"/WNT/video/wh-defends-trumps-mocking-ford-front-cheering-crowd-58269103"}