WH: Trump ready to strip security clearance from some critics

Six high-ranking former national security officials were named including a former FBI director and former CIA chief.
4:27 | 07/23/18

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Transcript for WH: Trump ready to strip security clearance from some critics
We're going to begin with the president that unprecedented washing shot, that to strip security clearancesmseveral fmer high-ranking als in the CI the FBI and U.S. Inlligence. Among them, formeia director John Brennan, former FBI dies Comey and four er top national security and from a carefully scrtedstatemen our Terry Moran thenin the E the president threaten punis fires because they have been critical of the president? And what the whise then sahensked if former esident obamand vice president Joe bidenould be next. Abc'rry Moran leading us off tte house. Rep aed threat from the white house podium, press secretary Sarah Sanders reading from a ppared statement, announcing that president trump was Aring to strip security clearances from some ohe frcest critics of his approao Russia. The fact that people with security clearances are making these baselessrges Provis inappropriate legitimacy to accusaonth zero evce. Former national rity officls, including former FBI director James Comey, former Obama national security adviser Susan rice and for CIA iehn brennanwho blasted trp'nference with Vladimir Putin. I uhe term th this was ING short of treasonous, because it is a betrayal of the nation.iving aid D comfort E enemy and it needs to stop. Reporter: Ban has eve seemed to hint darkly that he knows ses trump, eeting in March, "When the full nt of yourvenality, moral turpitude and political corruption becomes known, will takightful plans a disgraced demagogu the bin of hiory." All this enrages trump. The president iste punish Brennan and Comey and clapper saying this about him that he N't like.is that presidential? Hey've politicized and, in some cases, actually monetized that areubervice and theiserity clearances. And making baseless act of improper contact with Russia or being influenced with ra against the president is extremely inapopriate. When we have further updates on that front, I'll let you know. Reporter: Sr free speech he doesn't like, and he nts to punish them it. Ah, no I think Y're creating your own story. The president doesn't like the fact tt peoplere pocizing ageie departments that are ifically mnt to not be political. Reporter: Two of the people on thereist, Comey and his former deputy Andrew cclready lost the clearances ae ago. Sanders then askedwho's next? What about prent Obama andice presidenden? Are ey on the list, asl? 'M not aware of any plans for that at point. Repter: The psident's ay comes as he's under fire forepeatedly questioning the intelligencemunity's conclusion russia attked th20e 2016 election. Last week, underre, he tried tohange our. I accr intelligence community's conclusion that russia'seddling the 2016 action took place. Reporr:then, once again, he seemed todismusshe of aussian attack a a before theection. Why didn't he do somethingbout ? Why didn't he tellur aign? Because it is a Sanders doing more cleanup today, ins tdent believes that Russia interfered in 2016. She says the hoax is T allegaon that trumpired with the Kremlin. J part of what W were following from thite house today. Terry Moran live at thete ho we're following the growing tension the u.sand Iran. As you know,si tru tore up the nucleargreement some time back. Over the weekend, we need strong words from iranod rat esident, wni the U.S. That peace with Iran is of all peace and war with iras the mother of all wars. But Y, as you've been porting Al day, thavoked an angry response from president trump. Reporter: It did. President tweetg at president ani, "Never, ever threaten the United States gen or you willfe conseqnces the likes of which fewghout history havever suffered before cautious and then today, the foreign mini of Iran trolling president trp, responding in allcaps, "Color men unessed." But even more impnt tn that, he referred to the way the president talked about north Korea, cllenging president trump's crediby on Thi is David? Terry Mo thank you. Ls following new developments coming in just moments ago after

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Six high-ranking former national security officials were named including a former FBI director and former CIA chief.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56767795","title":"WH: Trump ready to strip security clearance from some critics","url":"/WNT/video/wh-trump-ready-strip-security-clearance-critics-56767795"}