White-Knuckle Day on Wall Street

Anxiety over foiled plot to bomb the New York Stock Exchange.
1:40 | 06/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White-Knuckle Day on Wall Street
Still hiding in hong kong. News of the foiled plot targeting the new york stock exchange made for a different white knuckle day on wall street. Gio benitez is on wall street. A lot of anxiety today. This was not a complete surprise down there. Reporter: Traders know this is a target and since nefrn we've even it on these streets. Reporter: Just as the closing bell rings, news of that foiled terroe plot is reaching traders. Ted weisberg has been working at the new york stock exchange for 44 years. When you hear this news as a trader what do you think? I think of 9/11 I think of 1993, the first bombing of the world trade center. This institution, no matter what is or is not going on inside is still a target, if nothing else for symbolic reasons. Reporter: The nnpd amped up with bomb sniffing dogs. We would perhaps not be standing on the other side of the fence. Before 9/11 there would be cues around the corner and people would come in by the thousands. Nick, once a counter terrorism director for new york city transit says he believes that stepped up security is paying off. What should traders inside that building be thinking about this news. What stock they're going to pick next. The building is secure, no doubt about it. Reporter:20% of the stocks traded go through the broeksers on the floor. The rest happens electronically. It's another way to prevent terrorists from shutting down this financial hub. Now to developing story out west in colorado.

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{"id":19431787,"title":"White-Knuckle Day on Wall Street","duration":"1:40","description":"Anxiety over foiled plot to bomb the New York Stock Exchange.","url":"/WNT/video/white-knuckle-day-wall-street-19431787","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}