Wicked Storms Moving East

From Arkansas to Vermont, high winds, tornadoes and severe rain are in the forecast.
1:36 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Wicked Storms Moving East
Fifty million Americans from Arkansas divert to Vermont bracing for wicked storms and you can see them there on the radar -- of them. Marching east tonight packing high winds bringing a deluge of rain. Families in Cleveland tonight on the lookout for tornadoes already touching down ABC's Alex -- tracking at all. Severe weather on the move again tonight a tornado touching down in Ohio near Cleveland. Damaging homes and knocking down trees the National Weather Service says it was an EF one with 94 mile an hour wins. More than fifty million people are in the path of possible severe weather tonight. The highest risk is in new York and Pennsylvania tonight's severe weather comes after a night that brought blinding rain and winds -- strong enough to -- power lines in southern Illinois. And outside of Boston where tornado warnings that threaten millions officials say it was a micro burst packing hundred mile an hour winds that carved the landscape. Snapping at least seventy trees in two over 350. Reports of severe weather in the last 24 hours. 300 alone for high winds elsewhere in the midwest real fears of river flooding. Iowa City a wall of sandbags trying to stem the rising rivers crested today. But in Grafton Illinois along the Mississippi even though flooding looms. It's business as usual. We've learned to live with the unpredictability. Of the Mississippi if it wasn't for that great river. We wouldn't have tourists and -- and Alex Perez ABC news Chicago.

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{"id":24477588,"title":"Wicked Storms Moving East ","duration":"1:36","description":"From Arkansas to Vermont, high winds, tornadoes and severe rain are in the forecast.","url":"/WNT/video/wicked-storms-moving-east-24477588","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}