Wild Weather on Memorial Day

Snow, flooding, high winds and Ginger Zee with what?s next on the forecast.
1:57 | 05/27/13

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Transcript for Wild Weather on Memorial Day
Now to the severe weather this evening and we're not in the clear yet after this weekend of deadly weather. Torrential rains, flash flooding, even tornadoes, one in nebraska and another in wyoming just today. And snow in parts of the northeast. This image from last night has gone viral. The snow banks on memorial day measuring five feet or more. What's next? Another clash of severe weather in the works. And ginger zee begins with the pictures from the plains. Reporter:6 to 10 inches of rain fell in eye. Reporter: They've been slogging through, trying to salvage, not the weekend, but their property. Other than that, we're just playing that it stops. Reporter: In the northeast, you could say it was rough. That's three feet of fresh snow in upstate new york. And in vermont, they opened up again, using every last inch. And in new jersey, it was a weekend 180. Frommiserable, to down right magical. And check out this stunning super cell thunderstorm in nebraska yesterday. More than 200 severe weather reports this weekend alone. All on the eve of what will be a very stormy week. I want to bring in ginger now who has been tracking this since this morning. Severe weather tonight into tomorrow? Yes, real threat for northern kansas and southern nebraska. This huge red area. It's not just tonight and tomorrow. What you're going to see, tomorrow this extends all the way into western pennsylvania, western new york and this entire week ahead. I'm very concerned because the jet stream does something called negative tilt. It has more times. Could be violent storms from the mid week and beyond.

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{"id":19267254,"title":"Wild Weather on Memorial Day","duration":"1:57","description":"Snow, flooding, high winds and Ginger Zee with what?s next on the forecast.","url":"/WNT/video/wild-weather-memorial-day-19267254","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}