More Wildfires Scorch Western United States

Thousands of acres from Colorado to California burned to ash, displacing families.
1:12 | 06/20/13

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Transcript for More Wildfires Scorch Western United States
Now to the extreme weather this morning and to those winds fueling wildfires in the west. Families just returning home in parts of colorado tonight as new fires now burn in that state and in arizona now. Abc's aclayton sandell in denver on why forecasters are saying we're in for a long and dangerous season. Reporter: Out of control fires are chewing up the west. Here in colorado, residents are returning to the black forest, finding more than 500 homes reduced to ash. I can't tell what the hell anything is. Reporter: Highly destructive fire seasons are becoming the new normal. It's partly because more people are building homes in overgrown forest areas like this. But scientists say it's also made a lot worse by climate change. Climate experts blame extreme drought and global temperatures running hotter than average every single month for 28 years straight. Research shows wildfires are already burning bigger and more often. On average, torching twice as much ground as 40 years ago. Plus, fire season is now two months longer than it used to be. Relief from rain may help in the short term but the long term picture looks alod like this. Our thanks to clayton tonight. Late breaking word this

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{"id":19451666,"title":"More Wildfires Scorch Western United States","duration":"1:12","description":"Thousands of acres from Colorado to California burned to ash, displacing families.","url":"/WNT/video/wildfires-scorch-western-united-states-19451666","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}