Winter About to Go From Bad to Worse: The Polar Plunge

Temperatures are free-falling as wind chills are set to plummet to 60 below zero.
3:00 | 01/26/14

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Transcript for Winter About to Go From Bad to Worse: The Polar Plunge
There is quite a system moving in tonight. The wind chills up behind me say it all. Torjs it will feel like minus 43 in Minneapolis. Like 10 below in Kansas City. Much of the great Lakes tonight frozen over. Take a look at the spectacular ice caves that have formed on lake superior. This weekend, families walking out to see them. The first time in five years they've been able to because the ice is so solid tonight. But the other part of this is not pretty. The driving from the plains across the midwest and right into the east, blinding snow this Sunday. And by early this week, winter storm watches reaching all the way to the gulf. The forecast in a moment, but first, ABC's Linzie Janis with the preparations tonight. Reporter: Tonight, this winter, about to go from bad to worse. The coldest air so far this season -- Just one thing after the next. Reporter: In its grip, 18 states from Minnesota to Maine, with wind chills set to plummet to between 30 and 60 below. In Chicago and cities across Minnesota, school, already closed for tomorrow. In Indianapolis, it's the city's second-snowiest January since the civil war, forcing crews to work every day this month and wiping out the snow removal budget. In Ohio and Wisconsin, salt now a precious commodity. The town has used its entire allocation of salt for the 2013-2014 season. Reporter: Across the midwest this weekend, blizzard conditions. And tonight, the rush is on to clear as much of that snow as possible, before it turns to ice. Get as much slush off the streets because it's going to be a very hard freeze and it doesn't matter what product you put on it, salt or whatever, it's not going to move. Reporter: But with all this cold, there may be one silver lining for die hard football fans heading to the super bowl. Fears of bad weather at new Jersey's metlife stadium pushing ticket prices down to about $1,200 to $1,500 a piece. Up to $900 less than last year. Cheaper, but still way too expensive for most of us. And temperatures here at the stadium are forecast to be back in the 30s. But with the possibility of a win try mix on gameday, I don't know about you, David, but not a lot could tempt me to watch a game in that weather. Linzie Janis, yes, watching from your living room, the better idea this year. I want to bring in Mike wakom from our Boston station tonight. This is going to be the coldest air of the winter yet this week? That's right, David. This arctic blast flowing all the way to the gulf of Mexico and along the east coast. Check out the temperatures we're talking about here. Now, you showed the wind chill indexes a moment ago. These are the actual air temperatures tomorrow morning. They don't warm up very much. We're going to be seeing highs in some locations staying in the single digits. And then tomorrow night, the real cold air flows in. So cold, in fact, that along the gulf coastal states, we could actually see some snow or freezing rain in parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Wow, this winter has been something. And Mike, out west, record highs. What's going on here? Yeah, David. You have to look at the upper air pattern. And we have this trough of cold air in the east and out west, we have this warm air shooting all the way into Alaska. For the 13th day in a row, California is having record heat out there. Of course, very dry conditions, as well. Good news for this forecast is, we're looking for a bit of a pattern change late in the week. Cooler temperatures out west and maybe a little bit of moisture, as well.

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{"id":22095640,"title":"Winter About to Go From Bad to Worse: The Polar Plunge ","duration":"3:00","description":"Temperatures are free-falling as wind chills are set to plummet to 60 below zero.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-bad-worse-polar-plunge-22095640","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}