Winter storm causes 3,000 flight cancellations nationwide

The storm is expected to bring freezing temperatures to the East Coast, stretching from the Carolinas to Maine.
3:43 | 01/21/19

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Transcript for Winter storm causes 3,000 flight cancellations nationwide
I'm Tom llamas. We begin with the deadly winter storm. After hammering the plains and the great Lakes, now battering the northeast and new England. Treacherous driving on the roads. This SUV skidding off the road in Dayton, Ohio. A car narrowly missing a house in Massachusetts. Even this snowplow falling over on a steep street near Boston. At least 3,500 flight cancellations nationwide. And an ef-2 tornado at the edge of the storm, ripping through buildings in Alabama. And the dangerous arctic blast. Windchill temperatures falling fast. A brutally cold Monday morning for the Carolinas to Maine. Sam champion with the forecast in a moment. But first, Stephanie Ramos starts us off in Albany, new York. Reporter: That monster storm leaving behind a frozen mess. Delivering a one-two punch of snow, ice, and rain. And now, potentially life-threatening temperatures menacing 70 million Americans. Listen to that crackling. These are ice pellets now falling here in Albany. That major blast of cold air now moving through the northeast leading to a dangerous freeze. Roads from Missouri to Maine turned into skating Rinks. We almost went off the road a couple of times. Reporter: The snow and ice making travel treacherous in Pennsylvania. And in Massachusetts, this plow truck flipped onto its side on a frozen street. Watch these first responders near Cincinnati dive into frozen water to rescue a golden retriever that fell through the ice. In Connecticut, a subcontractor was killed repairing a power line. The winter blast also slowing air travel, leading to more than 3,500 flight cancellations this weekend. And to the south, the same system spawning an ef-2 tornado, tearing through this Alabama town. The roof of this church ripped off by winds up to 130 miles per hour. It was just that quick. And you look up and everything is gone. Reporter: And as millions of people struggle to clean up or dig out, that brutal arctic air mass pushing in with freezing, bitterly cold temperatures. Stephanie joins us now live. The snow is moving, but crews are working around the clock as this dangerous flash freeze starts to move in? Reporter: Absolutely, Tom. About 14 inches of snow fell in Albany. Crews are working nonstop to clear the roads before the temperature drops and turns this snow into dangerous ice. The windchill is expected to drop below zero across the northeast. Tom? Sam champion is in central park, tracking it all. The temperatures already starting to drop where you are. How extraordinary is this cold? Reporter: I think very and for two reasons. The its scope, and the fact that it goes from the great Lakes into the midatlanta. 20 below, 30 below, it's dangerous to be outside for a long period of time. The door is now open for this arctic air to drop into the deep south, and it's behind this storm in the northeast. In D.C., it's dropped 27 degrees in the last 6 hours. Low of 8 in Philadelphia, and look at the windchills. 24 below, 22 below, 10 below in Philadelphia, 14 below in Pittsburgh. Here in New York City, by the way, the windchills will be below zero for 24 hours straight at least. Tom? Sam, thank you. We move to the government shutdown. The TSA saying so many workers

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The storm is expected to bring freezing temperatures to the East Coast, stretching from the Carolinas to Maine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"60511511","title":"Winter storm causes 3,000 flight cancellations nationwide","url":"/WNT/video/winter-storm-3000-flight-cancellations-nationwide-60511511"}