Winter Storm Hammers Sandy-Ravaged Areas

ABC News' Ron Claiborne was there when the wind and the rain moved in.
1:38 | 03/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winter Storm Hammers Sandy-Ravaged Areas
winter storm which hit areas of this country already ravaged by hurricane sandy four month ago. And abc's ron claiborne was there as the wind and the rain moved in again. Reporter: Tonight, the winter storm is delivering one last blow. To coastal new england. Waves lapping at the doorsteps of these waterfront homes in massachusetts. And from this town south of boston, this image, capturing the pounding the shoreline is taking. We have this lentless wind. A lot of debris carried in. This is j one big plank. Reporter: On cape cod, the iconic boardwalk, already under water. The nor'easter is expected to bring close to a foot of snow to some areas, along with howling winds, flooding and very likely widespread power outages. It struck new england after churning past new jersey, where winds of up to 70 miles an hour caused tial flooding that left some shoreline communities under water. It wasn't nearly as bad as sandy, which dev stated the jersey shore last fall. But for some, it was bad enough. This town's not fog to be here nowhere if we get keeping all these storms. Just pounding the east coast. Reporter: The good news? New jersey was shared the rain and snow that had been forecast. These late winter storms are famously unpredictable. Here in new jersey, this berm that I'm standing on was built right next to the next to try to protect this play ground here on my left. The berm held. Forecasters say this last blast of winter will take its time leaving. It is expected to keep spinning off the coast of new england and spreading misery for another two days. Ron claiborne, abc news, atlantic city, new jersey.

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{"id":18679509,"title":"Winter Storm Hammers Sandy-Ravaged Areas","duration":"1:38","description":"ABC News' Ron Claiborne was there when the wind and the rain moved in.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-storm-hammers-sandy-ravaged-areas-18679509","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}