Heavy Snow and Ice Hits the Country's Midsection

Winter weather causes havoc on the roads from coast to coast.
3:00 | 03/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Heavy Snow and Ice Hits the Country's Midsection
Fierce weather. Coast to coast tonight heavy snow and ice battering the middle of the country and now moving east at this hour while on the West Coast more rain all of it causing Havoc on the roads look at this. In Denver heavy snow triggering a fatal pileup of more than a hundred cars a family there walking away on foot. And to the west so much rain outside Los Angeles highways turning into rivers. And with the hills have been stripped by fire rivers of mud now filling the streets are extreme weather team not at all tonight and we begin -- ABC's -- present Chicago. In just seconds in Saturday morning turned to chaos in Colorado snow and ice blamed on that pile up in Denver. Killing at least one person after temperatures plummeted 42 degrees in just one day. In Montana three people are recovering in the hospital after an avalanche came crashing into their homes. The entire town coming together with shovel in hand digging them out to including an eight year old boy who was playing outside and now another -- storm on the move the winter that just won't quit it's terrible it's terrible it's -- -- for Americans this new storm narrow but long impacting a hundred million people over some 15100 miles. Along the -- snow and ice and freezing rain. From -- -- in the central plains through the Ohio valley and charging eastward. Dumping a wintry mix along the East Coast by Monday and take a look at this not even the mighty Niagara Falls a Mets for mother nature's biting cold. 60%. Of the rushing waters. -- And from Arkansas all the way to West Virginia they are keeping a close watch on power lines the heavy eyes that this new storm is bringing. Could lead to widespread power outages David. Alex present a very snowy Chicago tonight.

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{"id":22734595,"title":"Heavy Snow and Ice Hits the Country's Midsection","duration":"3:00","description":"Winter weather causes havoc on the roads from coast to coast.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-weather-heavy-snow-ice-havoc-roads-coast-22734595","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}