Winter Weather Warning, Blizzards Bear Down

Monster storm system moves in across the country stretching from Indiana to Maine.
3:27 | 12/26/12

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Transcript for Winter Weather Warning, Blizzards Bear Down
Across much of this country tonight a massive winter storm and already the ripple effect for travel. Being -- coast to coast the monster storm system stretching from Indiana the -- all the way down to North Carolina. More than a dozen state under winter watches and warnings this evening in this is moving fast. Nearly a foot of snow in some states already more than a foot of snow in forecast for Syracuse, New York. And in the heartland tonight the threat of more twisters. Those 23 dozen reported tornadoes on Christmas this evening they're bracing for more bad weather. -- extreme weather team was across the storm zone tonight you can see Sam Champion -- here's the latest tracking just a moment but we're going to begin -- ABC's Alex Perez. Indianapolis. -- winds whipped around fast falling snow in Indianapolis and make getting around by foot or car nearly impossible. David Mathis struggled just to keep up with the -- you -- notes now and then within a couple hours what do you -- this. Basically white -- conditions. Look up -- leak and Arlene C -- the massive storm leading to blizzard warnings in at least eight states thirty mile per hour wind gusts in parts of Indiana and Ohio. Slippery roads and poor visibility across the heartland blamed for the deaths of at least six people in Tulsa Oklahoma icy roads -- some frustrated drivers to follow up plow truck just have a clear path. In Little Rock freezing temperatures snapped power lines leaving many in the dark -- -- out of electricity heat. I can begin a probe by an exchange but you know life -- -- it took them back in Indianapolis. Spin out after spin out stranded motorists could not compete with this storm. You guys have been trying to get out yes we try to get out of parking spot where that it circles. And the wrath of this storm is not over -- -- the snow has ended here but the next big wave of bad weather is already slamming the northeast David. All right Alex thanks very much and as you mentioned it is moving quickly -- bring an ABC senior weather editor Sam Champion right outside our studios tonight -- great to see you in. You're telling us in the newsroom this afternoon this has. All one massive system. One -- -- we've been talking about since the weekend David all -- -- in the middle a country of the seventeen inches in Illinois the tornadoes 45 confirmed from last night's episode and then this this we started coastal areas with a little bit of us know that we went to some -- Now we've got some rain and ice mixed in if -- on coastal areas are road services will stay fairly wet but -- when you're gonna get a mixture of ice. And then inches and inches of snow take a look at this no grabbing does it work this storm system it was that one big storm that now one handed the ball to Panama nor'easter -- that it will move in look at that -- that's involved that's one of the scary part of this system there'll be plenty of -- still get some icing and the -- the snowfall totals will be measured in inches and very -- -- blood. And it's a very big deal because David places like Syracuse I know you just -- Yesterday and haven't had a foot of snow in one event and probably two years they're gonna get more than a foot of snow lot of this event there's an awful lot of places in new England -- well yeah I got out just in time with the family is still there and send you were saying much of this country also facing a lot of rain tonight. Good thing about this storm is the coastal sections will get some heavy rain already some flood watches and warnings are up as well in -- -- -- -- don't have winter storm watches and warnings. And we're expecting up to two inches of rain a lot of places this is -- heavy Atlantic moisture so this storm. We'll also have some very strong winds expect this rain to be wind driven rain and also -- -- to be wind driven snow this is a big powerful system. Still through the day tomorrow --

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{"id":18069866,"title":"Winter Weather Warning, Blizzards Bear Down","duration":"3:27","description":"Monster storm system moves in across the country stretching from Indiana to Maine.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-weather-warning-blizzards-bear-18069866","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}