Wintery Weather Stretches From New England to Florida

An arctic blast brings the first snow to the Northeast, plus tips to keep your car running.
2:06 | 11/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wintery Weather Stretches From New England to Florida
Good evening and good to be with you as more than 80 million people are in it together tonight, the shivering, the sliding, the snow and the deep freeze, stretching all the way from the north down to the gulf coast in this country. We saw a lot of scenes like this today, cars sliding off roads, unable to cope with the season's first icy surface. Abc's meteorologist ginger zee is out there in the freeze tonight. Reporter: The blowing, the snowing, the slipping, sliding and salt trucks crashing. I can feel myself losing traction. That's the first of winter. The reality set in and it's like, already, now, really? Reporter: A highway came to a stand still in northern indiana thanks to lake effect snow. The snow brought on a 20-car pileup in buffalo new york. From the first flakes flying in massachusetts to this little girl basking in well over a foot in michigan. Look at the temperatures slipping into the teens and the 20s IN THE GREAT LAKES AND THE First full freeze from boston to new york city. Tomorrow morning the south is not spared. Freezing as far south as dallas and atlanta all the way to the gulf coast. While the below average chill will be short lived, aaa is reminding us it's time to get your vehicles ready. It's always good to keep a bag of cat litter or salt for traction in case your car gets stuck. Have a basic tool kit with pliers and an adjustable wrench. Finally a penny. Yep it's that simple to find out if you need new tires. Put it head first into your tire tread. If you can see all of lincoln's head you need new tires. If it goss down past the hairline you're okay. This should be good for this winter. There are more than 600,000 winter related car accidents every year. So grab a penny and do the test tonight. Diane. Great advice as the season begins. Thanks so much. Tonight a big health alert

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{"id":20869593,"title":"Wintery Weather Stretches From New England to Florida","duration":"2:06","description":"An arctic blast brings the first snow to the Northeast, plus tips to keep your car running.","url":"/WNT/video/wintery-weather-stretches-england-florida-20869593","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}