Smartphone Is 1st Made in America

Texas factory is now manufacturing smartphones and employing Americans.
2:25 | 08/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Smartphone Is 1st Made in America
On the subject of jobs, our made in america team is back tonight with u.S. Workers who have made the world's first smart phone created right here at home. They're issuing a challenge to china to assemble their phones overseas. David muir shows us how these americans are calling the world to say we are back. Reporter:8,000 miles way tonight, new smartphones, iphones -- racing off assembly lines in china headed to this texas factory. About to come off the line and we are the first to see it. Where were these phones made before? China. Now they're made here. Right here. Reporter: Arguing that it makes business sense to make these smart phones here. Shipping costs from china slashed. Wages in china rising. Air force veteran tabitha debose looking for work no longer. It was boom, boom, pop. I got a job. Now you're running the place. Reporter:14 assembly lines already. They're still hiring. 2,000 jobs by the end of august? Correct. Reporter: In a factory actually built 20 years ago for old school cell phones. Those jobs outsourced to china. This factory went dark? Absolutely. Reporter: Motorola's last phone made in america. This looks like it belongs in the smithsonian. Reporter: The old one side by side with the new one. It's a slight upgrade. Reporter: What about all those tiny parts, a thousand semiconductors inside the smart phone. Any of them made here? Oregon, utah, texas, massachusetts and maine. A whole lot of america in this phone? Yes. This is moto x you can see here made in the u.S. You're seeing it right here before they're sold. Reporter: Sylvia, she's another new hire. You're the last person who touches the phone before it goes in the box? Yes. Reporter: One more selling point. Who hasn't fumbled with their smart phone. All you have to do is shake it twice, the camera comes up and it's ready. Reporter: A snapshot of the new smart phone made in america. Made in america!

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{"id":19846401,"title":"Smartphone Is 1st Made in America","duration":"2:25","description":"Texas factory is now manufacturing smartphones and employing Americans.","url":"/WNT/video/worlds-smartphone-made-america-19846401","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}