Worldwide Alert for 'White Widow'

Samantha Lewthwaite is wanted for alleged connection to al Shabab.
2:59 | 09/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Worldwide Alert for 'White Widow'
A bulletin is rocketing around the globe tonight. The search is on for a terror master mind and the search is so urgent, they call it a red notice. This is the person they are trying to find, a young publish woman they call the white widow. International police searching for the answer to the question did she play any role in the attack on that mall in kenya? Was she there? Brian ross is here with their questions. Reporter: Authorities tell abc news tonight that british police are even trying to obtain dna samples from the family of the so called white widow in the suspicion there might be a match with one of the bodies found in the rubble in nairobi. Looks can be deceiving and at any time this one time british school girl, samantha lewthwaite is being called one of the most wanted and dangerous women in the world. Samantha lewthwaite has been a wanted person for a number of years now. Reporter: Today's worldwide interpol alert seek to finds out if she was involved in the brutal attack on the mall. Based on her known ties to african terror groups, a mystery whom who was part of the attack. Kenyan officials reported all the attackers were men including some who dressed as women but counter terrorists say she has been actively involved in the al shabab group which claims responsibility. She has said she wants to die and martyr herself on behalf of the group. Reporter: She grew up in a small town north of london and over 15 years time went from school girl to party girl to wife of one of the terrorists who carried out suicide attacks on the london subway and bus system in 2005. After the attacks the mother of two denied any knowledge of her husband's al qaeda ties and familiar friends described her as a decent girl. She was a very average child, very innocent, lacking confidence, shy, very easy to get on with. Reporter: But since then authorities say she slipped out of england with her children and joined up with african terrorists traveling to kenya on a forged passport under the name of natalie faye webb. We know she was important on an organizational level. Reporter: She reportedly wrote in diaries seized by police that she wanted her young children to grow up as terrorists and die like their father. She has been wand for more than a year in connection with another al shabab attack in kenya. Interpol has an urgency to find her.

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{"id":20389711,"title":"Worldwide Alert for 'White Widow' ","duration":"2:59","description":"Samantha Lewthwaite is wanted for alleged connection to al Shabab.","url":"/WNT/video/worldwide-alert-white-widow-connection-al-shabab-20389711","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}