New York City Greets Pope Francis In Historic Visit

New Yorkers celebrated the visit of the beloved papal leader with Pope hats and even a Pope pizza!
2:27 | 09/25/15

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Transcript for New York City Greets Pope Francis In Historic Visit
The first pope to address a joint meeting of congress. Applause there, as he enters the chamber, but something very clear, lawmakers told to refrain from reaching out to him unlike what we see during the president's state of the union. Blessing the crowd from that balcony. Vice president Biden there and speaker Boehner, clearly emotional. The faithful filling the national mall. And right here, much of New York City on lackdown. He will visit ground zero, central park, too. And ABC's Cecilia Vega is in the thick of the action right here with us tonight. Cecilia? Reporter: David, good evening. Thousands upon thousands right here in New York City, finally awaiting to see pope Francis. They are out here up and down fifth avenue, just to catch a glimpse of the pope. In the city that has seen it all, a first. Pope Francis touching down in the big apple. Arriving on a plane named, what else? Shepherd one. From this supersized mural looming over Manhattan to kids in their papal head gear, to, yes, that is a pope pizza. Police officers everywhere you look. Never before has New York rolled out so much security for one man. 7,000 extra police officers. Manholes sealed. Enough barricades to stretch 37 miles. The gridlock nothing short of biblical. More road closures than ever before. At the peak tomorrow, more than ten miles of streets shut down. The pope's first stop in the morning, the U.N. To talk about climate change. Then, to the 9/11 memorial, where he'll meet with victims' families. In the afternoon, it's up to a school in Harlem. ? school kids rehearsing. There's a procession through central park. The pope and 80,000 ticket holders. And finally, mass for 20,000 at Madison square garden. Leaving little time for rest in the city that never sleeps. Cecilia Vega with me here tonight. Cecilia, thank you. And the pope has arrived here. We're going to pause so that the entire network can join us for a special report. This is an ABC news special. Good evening again from new York City, everyone. I'm David Muir. And we are here tonight, right along fifth avenue, St. Patrick's cathedral, right here behind me. We want to take you straight to the images coming in at this hour.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"New Yorkers celebrated the visit of the beloved papal leader with Pope hats and even a Pope pizza!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"34024617","title":"New York City Greets Pope Francis In Historic Visit ","url":"/WNT/video/york-city-greets-pope-francis-historic-visit-34024617"}